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The Best Holsters to Hit the 2024 SHOT Show Floor

January 23rd to 26th found me in Las Vegas at the 46th annual SHOT Show. Hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT) is open to industry professionals. The show is chock full of the best gear, firearms, optics, knives, clothing, and my focus here—holsters.

The Best Concealed Carry Holsters of SHOT Show 2024

This year’s show was the largest ever, boasting over 2500 exhibitors nestled in 815,000 square feet of space. This included the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum. I was just one of over 55,000 attendees and walked an average of 13 miles a day in search of what’s new in 2024 in the way of Concealed Carry Holsters.

In no particular order, here is what I found:

1791 Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster

While other companies concentrate on exotic synthetics for their carry holsters, 1791 uses a variety of leathers for wearer comfort. The Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster uses a sturdy spring steel clip for security and an open-top design for quick access. Its versatile design accommodates a number of different firearms.

1791 also introduced the Smooth Concealment Holster (SCH). Its soft, breathable cowhide makes it perfect for deep concealment where the holster comes in contact with the skin. Both the Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster and SCH feature reinforced stitching and a lifetime warranty!

For more information, please visit 1791Gunleather.com.

Adaptive Tactical OMNICARRY

Adaptive Tactical displayed its brand new OMNICARRY hybrid holster, which they claim can accommodate over 300 different guns. The IWB holster has the ability to fine-adjust between large, medium, compact, and sub-compact frames. Retention is adjustable, and the holster uses two 1.75-inch steel belt clips.

It has a foam and mesh backing for comfort and is priced at just $69.99. If you like to change up your daily carry this might be the perfect solution for your needs!

For more information, please visit AdaptiveTactical.com.

Mission First Tactical Pro Series

Over the years, I’ve come to expect innovative designs from Mission First Tactical (MFT) and was not disappointed this year. The company’s new Pro Series of inside-the-waistband holsters (IWB) are convertible to outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry and are ambidextrous.

But what makes the Pro Series truly unique is the use of a strong magnet, along with an integrated barrel insert, to keep the gun aligned and retained in the holster. It also uses a vertical wedge and ambi belt claw to push the gun and holster into the wearer’s body. As a result, this helps to reduce printing.

Other features include tuckable belt clips, adjustable cant and ride height, sweat guard, covered trigger, optics cut, and suppressor height sight channel. Prices start at $89.99.

For more information, please visit MissionFirstTactical.com.

G-Code Paradigm Universal Fit

Another innovative holster I found at SHOT is the new G-Code Paradigm Universal Fit holster. Offered in small and large frame versions, the holsters will fit most semi-auto striker-fired guns available. Likewise, built from tough injection molded parts, they are ambidextrous and can be worn IWB and OWB.

Common G-Code accessories like paddles and belt slide loops are compatible with the Paradigm. If you own a variety of guns and spend a lot of time on the range, having a Paradigm in your range bag is cheap insurance if your primary holster fails. Priced at just $29.99, it may be the best money you’ll ever spend on a holster!

For more information, please visit TacticalHolsters.com.

Black Arch Holsters

Black Arch’s new Gradient and Gradient Minimalist have been designed to offer the user maximum comfort. The hybrid holsters have the ability to attach or detach from their leather backings and are completely adjustable. Ride height, cant, and retention are easily adjustable, and the Gradient boasts a sweat guard.

In addition, an integral wedge pushes the gun’s grip against the body to minimize printing. Offered for the most popular CCW and light combinations, the Gradient accommodates optics, suppressor height sights, and threaded muzzles. The holster retails for $119.95.

For more information, please visit BlackArchHolsters.com.

Alien Gear Photon™

Alien Gear has released the versatile Photon™ 4-in-1 holster. It offers the user the ability to carry their gun IWB or OWB, right or left-handed. Alien Gear ships the Photon™ with both 1.5- and 1.75-inch belt clips for maximum compatibility. Additionally, the holster can be easily adjusted for retention, cant, and ride height.

The injection molded holsters are available for popular striker-fired handguns, and users can add a sidecar magazine carrier. Photons are available for guns with and without weapon-mounted lights, and prices start at $44.88.

For more information, please visit AlienGearHolsters.com.

Crossbreed N8 Tactical Multiflex

The Multiflex’s multiple points of adjustable retention make the holster compatible with over 275 pistols without side-to-side movement. Likewise, the holster has an audible click retention and a smooth and unhindered presentation.

The Multiflex ships with both IWB and OWB belt clips and is also compatible with 1 ½-inch paddles. Constructed from tough but lightweight polypropylene, the Multiflex is compatible with optics and suppressor height sights. Prices for the Multiflex holsters start at $49.95.

For more information, please visit CrossbreedHolsters.com.

Tulster Profile+

Red dot-equipped defensive handguns are no longer novelties and are heading toward being the majority. Tulster’s Profile+ kydex holster is engineered to provide maximum concealment for the optics-equipped pistols. In addition, it adds security with minimum bulk.

The IWB holster featured two blackened 1.5-inch spring steel belt clips and adjustable retention. Likewise, it’s undercut at the trigger guard for a quick and complete firing grip before the gun leaves the holster.

It is cut for optics and has an open muzzle for threaded barrels and a raised sight channel for suppressor height sights. Additionally, it has a sweat guard and is adjustable for cant. Prices start at $69.99 for the Profile+.

For more information, please visit Tulster.com.

Galco Masterbuilt Series

Great American Leather Company, more commonly referred to as Galco introduced a new line of holsters called the Masterbilt Series. The new Thunderclap™ looks very similar to the old Avenger holster but is built using the very finest leather. Likewise, it is handcrafted by Galco’s best leather benders, some of whom have been with the company for 35-40 years!

The Thunderclap™ is a lined holster and uses metal to reinforce the holster mouth and belt loop to prevent collapsing. All of the molding is done by hand, and the final drying process takes place on a form. The result is a beautiful holster that does not require break-in.

The Thunderclap™ features a neutral cant, is available in black or tan, and retails for $249. Initial Thunderclaps will be made for the 1911, with additional models added by demand.

For more information, please visit GalcoGunleather.com.

Blade-Tech Velocity

New for 2024 from Blade-Tech is their OWB Velocity holster. Constructed from thick and durable Boltaron, the Velocity is perfect for duty-size guns with longer slides. In addition, it is available for guns with and without weapon-mounted lights.

The front of the holster has a deep speed cut for fast and unhindered presentations. It is optics-compatible and possesses adjustable retention as well as a positive trigger lock that can be heard and felt.

Blade-Tech preinstalls their quick-connect Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk on the Velocity. Likewise, it also includes a Tek-Mount receiver on your choice of belt or MOLLE attachment. The Velocity is also compatible with attachments from leading brands such as Safariland and Blackhawk. As a result, it offers an excellent level of convenience and flexibility. Prices start at $84.99.

For more information, please visit Blade-Tech.com.

C&G Holsters IWB Covert Alpha

C&G Holsters introduced their Covert Alpha IWB holster whose trim design makes it a perfect choice for carrying a full-size semi-auto pistol concealed. Additionally, C&G precision molds their holsters to incredibly tight tolerances to lock the gun securely in the holster. Adjustable retention allows the user to individualize the holster for smooth presentations based on their preferences.

The Covert/Alpha boasts an integral wedge to enhance comfort and reduce printing. Likewise, the Kydex holster features an optics cut and flared holster mouth to aid in re-holstering. This holster is easily upgraded with 1.75-inch CNG metal belt clips and a Dark Wing attachment for ultimate concealability. Prices start at $79.99.

For more information, please visit CandGHolsters.com.

DeSantis Quick Trax™

Precision built from durable .080-inch Kydex, DeSantis’ new Quick Trax™ provides Glock users with a well-finished, concealable holster with an added degree of security. Quick Trax™ holsters possess an intuitive thumb release that is not visible to a potential adversary. However, it is easily disengaged by the shooter using a standard draw stroke.

DeSantis ships the holsters with 1 ¾-inch belt loops, which can be adjusted for ride height and cant. 1 ½-inch belt loops are available separately and the Quick Trax™ is optics compatible. Available in right- and left-hand versions for most Glocks and other popular handguns, the Quick Trax™ is priced at $79.99.

For more information, please visit DesantisHolster.com.

Barranti Leather Texas Tuck

Barranti Leather has an interesting twist on Bruce Nelson’s iconic Summer Special holster. Mike “Doc” Barranti uses an UltiClip to attach the holster to the user’s waistband rather than using belt loops. The result is a very low-profile IWB holster that is nearly undetectable with a covering garment.

This holster features rough-out leather for the holster body and a metal-reinforced smooth leather throat band. As a result, this aids in retention and keeps the holster open for easy one-hand holstering. Whether carried tucked or under a cover garment, the Texas Tuck is a deep concealment holster. Thus providing a full firing grip on your defensive firearm. 

Barranti is currently building the Texas Tuck for the 1911 and HiPower/SA35, and other models will be available soon. The Barranti comes at a price of $130 plus shipping.

For more information, please visit BarrantiLeather.com.

Falco CX85

FALCO® Holsters, a Slovakian manufacturer of custom leather holsters, introduced the CX85 Carbon Fiber Holster at SHOT Show®. This state-of-the-art slim-profile holster highlights carbon fiber material’s renowned strength and lightweight advantages. Designed for a Glock 19, this meticulously crafted holster is not just a plastic holster with a carbon fiber finish. It is actually manufactured from carbon fiber.

The result is an amazingly thin, low-profile holster that weighs a mere 3.5 ounces!  Falco’s thorough process involves embedding woven carbon fibers into resin. It then goes through autoclave curing. As a result, is a uniform, high-end material system the same as those employed in aviation, aerospace, and top-tier racing cars.

The CX85 is an OWB holster designed to be worn at the 3 o’clock position on the belt. It has a neutral cant and an open bottom and comes with 1.5-inch belt loops. Priced at an amazing $599.00, it may be the only holster in this round-up to cost as much as your carry gun.

For more information, please visit FalcoHolsters.com.

Versacarry Covert

Versacarry introduced their new Covert holster at SHOT 2024. The IWB holster features an inlaid polymer form to prevent it from collapsing, making re-holstering effortless. It also features Versacarry’s premium water buffalo leather that is not only distinctive but nearly indestructible!

The Covert is not just good-looking but also versatile. It features an adjustable cant and retention, is optics compatible, and boasts a double-ply sweat guard.

To accommodate a wide range of firearms, the Covert is available in four sizes. Versacarry’s multi-point adjustments take customization to the next level. As a result, it offers users an optimal fit and adjustable retention for a personalized carrying experience.

For more information, please visit Versacarry.com.

Safariland IncogX®

Safariland has led the way for police and military duty gear as well as competition holsters. However, they’ve lagged behind on their concealed carry gear. That was fixed last year when they collaborated with Haley Strategic Partners and introduced the Incog X® IWB holster.

Concealability was a huge priority, as was comfort, ergonomics, and adjustable retention. It had to accommodate a micro red dot and tactical light. The Incog X® has three different sizes of clip strut shims which pushes the butt of the gun into the wearer to prevent printing.

Safariland wraps the Boltaron holster material with a microfiber suede for comfort. Likewise, tuckable, over-the-belt polymer clips allow for easy-on, easy-off applications. A magazine caddy can also be attached to the IncogX® to keep a handy reload secreted near the gun. Prices start at $92.00.

For more information, please visit Safariland.com.

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