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Testing the Hunt-Ready Silencer Central Buck 30 Suppressor

The fact we were able to make so much noise in the middle of a potato field in Idaho at a media event, when there were so many suppressors on guns, was honestly incredible. I’m talking about the best media event of the year, the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. This year, a new suppressor definitely got me excited. It comes from a company that has revolutionized the suppressor market in two major ways. It builds some of the best cans out there. But it also created an an online marketplace that walks customers through every single step of the suppressor-buying process. The company–Silencer Central. And the new suppressor–the Silencer Central Buck 300.

Silencer Central Buck 30 By Banish

This Buck 30 is new to the BANISH line of suppressors from Silencer Central. It is a high-performance hunting suppressor in partnership with Buck Commander. Buck Commander is all about the thrill of the hunt and the relationships that come with it. Silencer Central is all about making your silencer purchase process as simple and hassle-free as possible so that you can spend more time thinking about your next hunt, so the partnership is absolutely perfect. The Buck 30 is a multi-caliber suppressor that works with all rifle calibers up to .300 Winchester Magnum. Pretty much if you hunt, this can will work for you and will be a fantastic addition to your hunting package no matter how big or small the caliber you prefer. 

The Buck 30 is made of stainless steel and laser-welded for precision and durability. The tubeless design makes for a more rugged look by being able to see the weld marks, plus the addition of the Buck Commander logo proudly etched into the 6.9-inch-long suppressor ensures you know exactly what Silencer Central designed this can for. Taking down wild game. The tube is 1.54 inches in diameter, so you won’t have any sight issues with a scope mounted on top of your rifle, and it weighs only 13.8 ounces, so if you have a long hike out to the blind, you are not adding to much weight to your gun.

Built for Accuracy

The Buck 30 is equipped with an accuracy baffle which helps minimizes point of impact shift, so you may only need to make slight sight adjustments when you switch between suppressed and unsuppressed shooting. Additionally, the Buck 30 features an industry-standard hub mount, giving users more options to connect their Buck 30 to their gun with ease. It allows for the possibility to use the same mounts that your other suppressors might utilize. You can order your suppressor with pretty much any mounting option you want. I made it easy with mine and ordered direct-thread 5/8×24 option.

Despite the compact size, according to Silencer Central it packs an impressive amount of sound suppression. Tests show that a .308 from an 18-inch barrel registers 131 decibels at the ear. They also tested 6.5 Creedmoor from a 20-inch barrel, registering 132 decibels at the ear. Both are well under the hearing-safe limit of 140 decibels.

Shooting the Buck 30 on the range at Rendezvous was enjoyable, but with unsuppressed guns all around us creating a bunch of sound pollution, we were unable to really experience the can’s full potential. So I had to get one for myself to throw on my hunting rifle. Silencer Central made it nice and easy, and ounce I got my hands on my own Buck 30, I immediately threw it on a 6mm Arc rifle I just built.

Field Testing the Silencer Central Buck 30

I built the gun as a coyote gun and figured the Buck 30 would be fantastic on the rifle due to its size, lighter weight, and the fact it would cut the noise a bit for night hunting. I built an AR-platform 6mm Arc rifle that was deadly accurate without the suppressor, so I really was hoping to not lose accuracy at all with the addition of the suppressor, and the Buck 30 allowed this to happen. Impact shift equalled maybe an inch of drop with the suppressor attached. I was still able to pull very tight groups though.

My favorite part of the Silencer Central Buck 30 has to be the price. With an MSRP of only $699 you really can’t go wrong with this one. If you are a hunter that is looking to reduce your recoil, save your hearing, improve your accuracy, and protect your hunt, then you need the Buck 30 on your rifle the next time you adventure out in the woods to put food on the table.

Check out the full Banish Suppressor lineup at silencercentral.com.

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