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Tactical Gear

Precision Bolt Gun Built for the Pros

The precision rifle market for tactical operators and long-range competitors remains white hot. The latest–the new Rock River XM24 Tactical chambered in .308 Win. and .338 Lapua.

Rock River XM24 Tactical Details

The XM24 Tactical aims at both the duty and competition markets with a rich feature set developed to satisfy both groups of demanding customers. Designed around MDT’s ESS non-folding chassis, this variant provides rigidity for performance. The rifle sports a 26-inch heavy-contour, stainless steel barrel. It comes air-gauged to guarantee maximum bore precision, according to Rock River. The build includes cryo treatment for molecular stability and predictable harmonics. A black matte nitride finish protects from environmental conditions. Twist rates come in 1:10 (.308) and 1:9.5 (.338).

The barrels secure to the proprietary Remington 700-style receiver via a barrel nut system. The system delivers a solid and precise fit and alignment, according to Rock River. The unit ships with a crow-foot wrench for barrel nut removal and installation. An oversized bolt handle and precision single-stage TriggerTech Primary trigger enhance the platform. Optic mounting comes via the included 20 MOA base scope rail. A single-stack, five-round detachable box magazine feeds the system.

Rock River guarantees less than 1/2-MOA accuracy when using premium ammunition. Weighing in at 13.2 pounds overall, the rifle measures 46.254 inches long. MSRP is $5,265. For more info, visit rockriverarms.com.

Editor’s Note:

We live in what will surely be remembered as the golden age of bolt-action rifle systems. Most every major rifle manufacturer now offers something designed for precision work, ranging from entry-level models to high-end systems like this XM24. We like that this one is based on the venerable Remington 700 action. The work is done here, and the industry knows how to make this system really hum. Throw in MDS and Trigger Tech components; the Rock River XM24 shows a lot of promise at first glimpse. For more than $5K, it should be near flawless.

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