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Tactical Gear

Best New Hunting & Tactical Suppressors

There are countless interesting items to be seen at the SHOT Show each year. From unique rifles and handguns to backpacks and other gear. One item that I particularly enjoy searching out is new suppressors. I am a fan of all things quiet, and a walk through the miles of isles paid off with the chance to see some new great suppressors hitting the shelves. Here’s some of the best new hunting and tactical suppressors for 2024!

Best New Hunting & Tactical Suppressors for 2024


This year at SHOT, SilencerCo released three new suppressors: the Spectre 9, Velos 5.56 K and Velos LBP 7.62. The Spectre 9 is the next evolution in SilencerCo’s collection of titanium suppressors. It’s completely constructed from titanium and designed for pistol and sub-gun platforms. The Spectre 9 is compatible with 9mm and subsonic 300 BLK. It’s extremely lightweight at only 3.9 ounces with no mounts. It offers competitive sound performance for suppressors in its size category. It’s also full-auto rated, and one of the few suppressors that can run on a full-auto Glock. 

The Velos 5.56 K and Velos LBP 7.62 are variations of SilencerCo’s first low-back pressure silencer, the Velos 5.56 LBP. The Velos K is a shorter version of the original Velos at just 4.76 inches. It still provides the shooter with the benefits of reduced gas but in a compact and maneuverable package. The Velos 7.62 will accommodate calibers up to .300 RUM for compatibility with more host firearms. (silencerco.com)

SureFire RC3

It has been a while since SureFire released a new can and this one is a winner. The RC3 succeeds the older RC2 and is engineered to reduce typical 5.56 NATO military-grade backpressure by 60 percent. It features Inconel construction for extreme durability as Inconel is a nickel and chromium-based superalloy used in extreme industrial applications where durability is key. SureFire relied heavily on computer power and fluid dynamics to design the internal of this unit. On top of all the new features, it’s still a compact suppressor with tactical applications in mind. (surefire.com)

Huxwrx Flow Ti 22 

This Grade 5 titanium 3D-printed rimfire suppressor is the latest edition to Huxwrx’s collection. Flowthrough silencers are designed to redirect and route expanding gases forward and out toward the muzzle. This helps keep the toxic gases burning propellants away from the shooter’s eyes, face, and lungs, not to mention the firearm itself. The Flow Ti 22 weighs under 4 ounces and, despite its lighter weight and novel 3D-printed construction, it is rated for full-auto use. Due to its overall size and design pattern, the Flow Ti 22 supports direct mount rimfire ½ x 28 TPI barrels and is suitable for all modern rimfire calibers. (huxwrx.com)

Q Porq Chop 

Winning the best new name in suppressors is the Q Porq Chop. This can is designed to work with the subsonic 8.6mm Blackout, which can be considered the bigger-bore brother of the .300 Blackout, as it was borne from a similar design philosophy. Besides the novel and intriguing cartridge the Q Porq Chop was created around, the Porq Chop notably feels and handles like a lighter titanium suppressor in spite of its steel construction. This is due to the way the baffle column is stacked and joined together. Externally, the baffles resemble a horizontal pancake stack, and the good news for customers is that this manufacturing technique also helps lower costs and keep this silencer competitively priced. (liveqordie.com)

Silencer Central

The folks at Silencer Central are always an important stop during the show. This year they have two new offerings that I found interesting. The newest addition to the BANISH line of suppressors is the BANISH Speed K, a silencer designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition for those in uniform. The Speed K is a 4-inch 5.56 suppressor built from 100% Inconel, allowing it to be durable, maneuverable, and precise.

The second suppressor that I decided I needed is the new Buck 30. This can was built by Silencer Central in partnership with Buck Commander. This is a 30-caliber suppressor designed for rifle calibers up to .300 Win Mag. This suppressor features a tubeless and laser-welded stainless-steel design, incorporating eight baffles to lower decibel levels to below 132 dB. Silencer Central has changed the suppressor game with its door-to-door service. The team has the expertise to get your paperwork done and processed like no other company in the industry. If you are considering adding a suppressor to your life, Silencer Central needs to be part of that. (silencercentral.com)

Dead Air

Dead Air Silencers have three new suppressors for the market. First up is the Nomad Ti XC. XC designates Cross-Country, a term they gave the silencer lineup that lets you go further thanks to its minimal weight, while seamlessly integrating into all of your hunts and adventures. The Nomad XC series now features an enhanced two-stage coaxial baffle system with pressure-harnessing structures that regulate both low-pressure and high-pressure rounds. They have also added more strength per ounce out of the Nomad Ti XC while providing even better sound performance and precision, no matter what you are shooting.

Next up is the long-awaited .33-caliber suppressor from Dead Air Silencers. The Nomax 33 is sized for optimal sound suppression while the titanium construction provides a lighter weight to not drag you down. The Nomax 33 borrows from the same proven and patented baffle technology found in their Nomad series. They have optimized performance for big-bore cartridges by designing an enhanced two-stage coaxial baffle system and pressure harnessing structures to efficiently regulate extremely high pressures.

Last up is the Nomad Ti. The Nomad Ti is an exercise in displaying Dead Air’s latest engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight of just 9.6 ounces, it disappears on your rifle until you need it. The body is fully welded Grade 5 Titanium. This provides excellent performance for magnum calibers and the firing schedules of most shooters and hunters. Like the original Nomad 30, it is compatible with their HUB Series adapters, making it versatile and adaptable to many hosts. (deadairsilencers.com)

SHOT Show 2023 Releases

On Feb. 16, 2023, Ballistic reported:

Every year, SHOT Show offers countless interesting items on the floor. From unique rifles and handguns to backpacks and other gear. One item that I particularly enjoy searching out is new suppressors. I am a fan of all things quiet, and a walk through the miles of isles paid off with the chance to see some great new hunting and tactical suppressors hitting the shelves.

New Hunting & Tactical Suppressors for 2023


First up we have two new offerings from suppressor powerhouse Gemtech. First in their new lineup is the Abyss. This can builds off five of Gemtech’s unique patent-pending designs. Best of all, it reduces the amount of gas sent back toward the shooter. The design allows rounds to pass through while gasses expand into the baffle spaces, lowering pressure, minimizing muzzle flash, and significantly reducing decibels. The Abyss also lessens back pressure by routing gasses forward, away from the shooter for increased comfort and reliability. The can’s construction offers a mix of stainless steel and titanium components. It mounts via Gemtech’s proprietary flash hider or as a direct thread. The Abyss offers full-size suppression with compact, lightweight convenience. It comes fully rated for both short barrels and full-auto operation.

The second addition to their line is the Neutron 7.62. Like the Abyss, the Neutron utilizes five of Gemtech’s unique patent-pending designs. It is relatively small for a 7.62 can at 6.6 inches and weighs only 14.6 ounces. Full-auto rated, it comes with Gemtech’s ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount), which provides precise alignment and helps resist carbon lock. The Neutron is compatible with HUB 1.375-24 thread standards, accepts a wide range of mounting hardware, and comes It has a tubeless construction that helps eliminate unneeded weight and a high-efficiency baffle design for superior sound reduction. (gemtech.com)

Aero Precision

Next up we have three new suppressors from a company better known for their AR uppers and lowers. Aero Precision teased us last year with these new cans and they are now ready to hit the market. The first one is the Lahar K. The Lahar-30K provides unrivaled performance and durability in a compact package. Hybrid 17-4 stainless steel and Inconel construction provide an extremely rugged foundation—making this suppressor a great candidate for short-barreled applications that are notoriously hard on suppressors. This suppressor’s compact size further benefits short-barreled firearms by providing best-in-class sound and flash reduction performance all while adding minimal overall length to the system.

Next in line is the Lahar L. The Lahar-30L provides additional internal volume while maintaining the bulletproof construction of the Lahar-30 lineup. This suppressor’s rock-solid construction and increased internal volume make it the perfect candidate for full-power and magnum rifle hosts—offering not only the needed durability but amazing performance for these shamelessly loud cartridges. Last in the trio is the new Lahar 30. The Lahar-30 is a versatile and durable workhorse providing superlative performance across many different calibers and platforms. Featuring no minimum barrel length requirements, no rate of fire restrictions, and is rated for everything from 5.56×45 NATO to 300 Win Mag—the Lahar-30 is ready for almost any use or application.

Industry-standard 1 3/8”x24 TPI mount threads give the end user the freedom to mount this suppressor to a host firearm via a direct thread mount or a number of different quick detach adapters including the Mantle Quick Detach Mount. (aeroprecisionusa.com)

Maxim Defense

Maxim Defense announced that they will be adding a new suppressor to their extensive lineup. Projected to launch in the summer of 2023 will be a new can built for the 5.7x28mm round. With the growing popularity of the 5.7 round, Maxim knew they could build an exceptional can for it. The suppressors with be lightweight coming in and only 9 ounces. Much of that can be attributed to their titanium core and 7075 aluminum tube construction. Not only is it lightweight it is small. At 6.2 inches they will fit just about any 5.7 blasters out there. Performance wise they are impressive. Maxim recorded decibel levels of 128db on the Ruger 5.7 carbine, and 132 on the Ruger 5.7 Pistol. This new quiet, short, and lightweight 5.7mm can from Maxim will be available in FDE or black. (maximdefense.com)


Another company that thinks one new suppressor is not enough is Gunwerks. Well known for their precision rifles, Gunwerks has taken that same performance mentality to their suppressors. The first can in their new lineup is the 61X. Their first focus with this can was on reliable, repeatable performance on precision rifles, which means a minimal point of impact shift and no loss of a rifle’s ability to print tight groups. Second, they optimized the suppressor design around sound suppression and performance on modern magnum hunting cartridges. The industry standard has been to build cans around 5.56 and 7.62 military rounds, which don’t translate as well to hunting and long-range applications.

The suppressor is small and lightweight at just over six inches and weighs 12.4 ounces. It is stainless steel with a High-Temperature Cerakote. Gunwerks also announced the introduction of their new lighter and quieter 6IX+ Titanium Suppressors. The new 6IX+ suppressor gives you the same performance that you’ve come to expect from the Gunwerks line of Steel suppressors but in a package that is 40-percent lighter, making them perfect for backcountry hunters. Rounding out their goal of the ultimate precision suppressor, Gunwerks debuted the 8ight. The 8ight, appropriately named for measuring in at around eight inches in length, offers the ability to fully suppress those larger caliber rifles. Hunting and long-range shooting just became more enjoyable by reducing recoil and report in addition to less point of impact shift and the ability to obtain tight groups from far distances. (gunwerks.com)

Dead Air Silencders

SHOT Show wouldn’t be complete without a new suppressor from Dead Air. New this year is the MOJAVE 9. This suppressor has great performance, allowing shooters to have the benefits of both low blow-back and supreme acoustic signature reduction. This is achieved by the all-new patent pending revolutionary Triskelion baffle design. Pushing the limits of performance through enhanced baffle geometries that have not previously been achievable through traditional manufacturing processes, their engineers have created a unique design that addresses issues inherent with pistol caliber suppressors.

Benefits of this design include reduced back pressure, excellent flash reduction, and a class-leading acoustic performance with an earthy low-frequency tone. Additionally, the MOJAVE 9’s unique structure is extremely strong and durable, featuring high thermal efficiency and rapid cooling that promotes the continuous efficient flow of gasses. This leads to a less toxic, lower recoil, and overall, more enjoyable shooting experience by the end user. The two-piece modular design allows the end user to prioritize peak levels of sound reduction as well as lower size and weight, making it more versatile to fit the shooter’s specific needs. (deadairsilencers.com)

JK Armament

While we have a wide variety of suppressors for our pistols and rifles, there seems to be a shortage when it comes to shogun cans. JK Armament is looking to change that. This year at SHOT they released the JK195 VersaX shotgun suppressor. This is a modular 12-gauge suppressor with 14 configurable baffles. The SGX 12 gauge is 11.75 inches long and weighs just one pound in its full configuration. They are able to build the can from aluminum because of the naturally low pressure we see in shotgun loads. What is unique in their design is that they plan to make an end cap that will be able to use chokes. This allows us to enjoy a better pattern coming out of the can. (jkarmament.com)


Another company that is a regular stop in my suppressor search is SilencerCo. New this year is the Velos LBP. This is SilencerCo’s answer for customers seeking optimal performance from a 5.56mm silencer. The balance of exceptional sound performance without adding back pressure to the operating system of the host firearm sets it above the rest. Incorporating newer manufacturing processes, the 3d printed Inconel 625 core is fully welded to the 17-4 front and rear modules making this product unlike anything else on the market. It’s compatible with SilencerCo’s Charlie accessories and has no barrel length restrictions. It’s the most durable suppressor SilencerCo has ever made in part, due to the inclusion of our patented Hoplon blast baffle. To top it all off, they used V-Series Cerakote to make sure that the finish will hold up to extreme use. (silencerco.com)


My last stop was exciting as I got to visit with the team at B&T. They have launched an extensive line of new suppressors. First up is the RBS QDR. This can is designed to have exceptionally low back pressure and is designed for heavy use. When I say heavy use, I am talking about guns like the FN 249 and M240B. This can be serious business.

Next, I looked at SQD 9mm. This suppressor calls to my H&K MP5 heart. This can is designed specifically for use on any three-lug-equipped 9mm pistol or rifle. Installation is simple and done by aligning the locking collar and pushing the can down. The internal locking system closes around the lug and you are ready to roll. When you’re ready to remove the suppressor, simply press the button atop the locking collar and slide the silencer off. It is a fantastic design, to say the least.

Next in line was the new Impuls-OLS. Based on their proven Impuls-IIA suppressor, the Impuls-OLS was designed for specialized military and law enforcement missions when every gram of weight makes a difference. The Impuls-OLS pistol suppressor in 9x19mm has been designed to offer users a high-performance solution when seeking a balance between minimal size and weight, while still offering excellent noise reduction. The Impuls-OLS is the same length as their standard Impuls-IIA, but is about 110 grams lighter.

Performance Upgrade ROTEX-X

Following their “improve on a good thing” theme, they now offer the ROTEX-X. The new Rotex-X maintains the same performance attributes of its predecessor yet has been re-engineered to reduce its weight by 20%, thus reducing deviation in point of aim/point of impact — all while providing industry-leading sound and flash reduction, and ease of use, thanks to its compatibility with any NATO MIL-STD flash hider.

B&T recognizes the rimfire market and has added a new HP22 silencer as well. The HP 22 uses industry-standard 1/2×28 threads. Although it is a sealed unit and not user serviceable, a rinse from Schletek will clean the suppressor up nicely.

The last up in their new suppressor lineup was the RBS AK. This is a suppressor specifically for the Kalashnikov USA KR-103. This can mounts directly to the KR-103’s M24x1.25 RH threads and is secured by a locking collar at the rear. The fixed mount paired with the durability and low backpressure of the RBS system will make it popular with the AK market. (bt-usa.com)

While I have always been impressed with the new suppressors released at SHOT each year, 2023 looks to be one of the best years we have seen in suppressors. If you are looking for a new can, 2023 looks like a good year to make that happen.

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