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Tactical Gear

300 Training & 100 Purpose Rounds

Fans of the 5.7x28mm get some good news heading into the summer shooting season. Fiocchi 5.7x28mm Combo Packs bring two new multi-purpose cartridge options for trigger pullers everywhere.

Fiocchi Announces New 5.7x28mm Combo Packs

The ammo combo packs satisfy both training and end use needs. Each pack includes 300 rounds of Fiocchi Range Dynamics 40-grain FMJ loads. This load is all about high-volume pistol and rifle training. Then the pack includes another 100 rounds of either Fiocchi Hyperformance self-defense or Range Dynamics Subsonic loads.

The Hyperformance cartridges come loaded with 40-grain tipped hollow point bullets, satisfying the terminal performance requirements for those using their 5.7 firearm for personal defense or small-game hunting. If shooting suppressed, however, the Fiocchi Range Dynamics Subsonic 62-grain FMJ delivers.

So shooters get 400 rounds total: 300 to train with, and another 100 to load up and go to work. That’s a pretty awesome combo.

For more info, visit fiocchiusa.com.

Combo PT

  • 5.7x28mm
  • 300 rounds FMJ (40-gr., 1700 fps)
  • 100 rounds Hyperformance THP, (40-gr., 1750 fps)

Combo SUB

  • 5.7x28mm
  • 300 rounds FMJ (40-gr., 1700 fps)
  • 100 rounds Range Dynamics Subsonic (62-gr., 1050 fps)

Editor’s Note:

It wasn’t so very long ago the 5.7x28mm remained little more than a curious novelty to most. Certainly, FN owned the space and made a great gun, but it wasn’t until recently until other manufacturers got into the 5.7 game, lead by S&W, Ruger, CMMG, and more.

Today, the 5.7 has solidified itself as a great niche platform, offering incredible accuracy and manageable recoil in a platform that enables carrying very high round counts in magazine capacity. Shoot fast, shoot flat, and with a whole bunch of rounds onboard–that’s a winner.

For those new to the game, or looking for help with the right blend of training and use ammo, the 5.7x28mm Combo Packs should be a first stop.

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