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Zelensky Has Been Lying About The Massive Amount Of Troop Losses

Ukraine’s ruler, President Volodymyr Zelensky has been lying about the scale of losses suffered since the start of this war in February of 2022. He’s doing it on purpose though, because he does not want to disrupt an already struggling mobilization drive, a local MP told the paper.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday, that Zelensky is intentionally being deceptive, so to offset panic amid a struggling mobilization campaign, the paper claimed.

In February of this year, after months of silence on Ukrainian casualties, Zelensky claimed that 31,000 troops had been killed in the two years since the start of the conflict, without disclosing the numbers of those wounded. That’s a stark contrast to Russia’s estimates that Kiev has lost a half million, or 500,000 troops since the war began.

Moscow Claims Ukraine Has Lost Half A Million Troops In The War

Ukraine is likely to lose this war, even if NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) decides to further insert itself into the melee. In late December, Zelensky said the Ukrainian military asked him to mobilize an additional 500,000 troops, the same number that Russia claims to have eliminated. This mobilization claim was later denied by then-commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny. The disagreement was widely seen as one of the reasons for the conflict between the two which led to Zaluzhny’s dismissal in February, according to a report by RT. 

One US official told the Washington Post that while the issue is worrying, Washington does not want to nag Kiev about it. “Who are we to say, ‘You just need to draft more men to fight.’ But at the same time, it is a real concern,” he said, adding that while the new laws will help to fill in the gaps in the military, Kiev needs to “find a way to inspire more Ukrainian men to come to the front lines.”

And, not to worry, because obviously, the ruling class’s solution is obvious slavery, or, in other words, conscription. As if humanity isn’t already enslaved enough, we are now expected to kill or be killed for the rulers who are trying to control literally every aspect of every human being’s life.

Slave State Intensifies: Conscription In Ukraine Prompts Fear

This news comes as some say no one wants to join the Ukrainian army and fight and die for the losing side. One soldier, known only by his nickname “Niko”, said people “do whatever they come up with” to escape the military draft, including “swimming across the Tisza River and drowning themselves in there,” the soldier said. He was referring to recent reports about dozens of men losing their lives in attempts to flee Ukraine and avoid being conscripted amid the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

Additionally, Russian President Vladimir Putin said last year that the West is prepared to fight Russia to “the last Ukrainian.”

In a separate report by RT, it was noted that Ukraine is having a difficult time on the front lines in its conflict with Russia, the commander-in-chief of Kyiv’s armed forces, General Aleksandr Syrsky, told his country’s Western backers during a virtual Ramstein group meeting on Friday.

The only good news is that the slave class is slowly starting to figure out the immorality of war and balking about going. But it’s going to take a refusal from all of us to stop the further escalation in both Ukraine and the Middle East.

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