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WHO: Bird Flu Spreading To Humans is “Of Enormous Concern”

The World Health Organization has said that the bird flu’s recent jump to a human in Texas is “of enormous concern.” The WHO says that they are taking the virus’s mutation seriously because humans face an “extraordinarily high” mortality rate.

But was this jump preplanned? Because the ruling classes of the world already have “vaccines” at the ready to mass inject the public if the virus does decide it’ll infect and easily transmit among people.

Bird Flu “Vaccines” Are “Authorized” & “Warehoused” As CDC Demands Human Surveillance

“This remains I think an enormous concern,” the United Nations health agency’s chief scientist Jeremy Farrar told reporters in Geneva. This A (H5N1) strain has become “a global zoonotic animal pandemic”, Farrar said according to a report by Science Alert.  “The great concern of course is that in… infecting ducks and chickens and then increasingly mammals, that virus now evolves and develops the ability to infect humans and then critically the ability to go from human to human.”

One Person In Texas Has Been Infected With Bird Flu After Handling Cattle

There is still not a lot of evidence supporting human-to-human transmission of the virus. But in the hundreds of cases where humans have been infected through contact with animals, “the mortality rate is extraordinarily high”, Farrar said. That means that once the jump is made and the virus can be spread through human contact, we could have another pandemic on our hands, and this one could actually do real and noticeable damage to humanity, instead of the ruling classes inflicting the damage over the common cold.

Cellular Immunologist: The Vaccines “Can’t Work” Because COVID Is A “Common Cold Virus”

Farrar added that additional concern is that the H5N1 virus infecting the Texas man appears to have been the first human infection with the influenza A(H5N1) virus strain through contact with an infected mammal. When “you come into the mammalian population, then you’re getting closer to humans,” Farrar said, warning that “this virus is just looking for new, novel hosts”.

“It’s a real concern.”

What is also a concern is that this could have been all planned out from the beginning, using the COVID-19 scamdemic as a test run for the rulers.

In 2018, Bill Gates “predicted” that “there is a significant probability of a large and lethal, modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes” because of “the continual emergence of new pathogens, the increasing risk of a bioterror attack and how connected our world is through air travel.”

The same year, Gates announced a $12 million initiative to “accelerate the development of a universal flu vaccine.”

According to a report by Yahoo Finance, in light of the increasing number of cattle herds in America contracting the bird flu virus,  the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing for what may be ahead, saying, “Make no mistake, the CDC is activated as a result of these findings.” However, Principal Deputy Director Dr. Nirav D. Shah said, “The risk overall for the general public remains low.”



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