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Unusual Bug Out Locations You Should Know About

Finding the right bug out location isn’t much different than working in real estate; it’s all about location, location, location.

Do you find something already fortified and prepared for an extended stay? Or do you find something temporary and live as a nomad.

In this article we will explore 7 unusual bug out locations you should know about.


In a bug out situation, treehouses become more than just a child’s getaway. They allow for increased security by allowing a unique vantage point.

This becomes even more important in a dense forest, especially if you’re able to conceal the treehouse above the tree line.

Being this far off the ground allows for protection not just from potential enemies but from wildlife and natural disasters such as flooding. It’s not a perfect solution, though.

The height makes you vulnerable to high winds, thunderstorms, and fire. Also, providing easy accessibility can be difficult, especially when considering any disabilities.

They are easily camouflaged and concealed. If the bug out situation requires stealth and privacy, a treehouse may be the best option. Also, if you can prepare ahead of time, having a treehouse as a bug out location will allow ample amount of storage.

Water Tower

Unusual Bug Out Locations You Should Know AboutFinding a water tower you’re able to access may sound unusual but it also checks several top location priority boxes off the list.

It gives you access to a near endless supply of water that has already been treated, which is a given, but there are other benefits.

Water towers are anywhere from 130-165ft tall, making them perfect for gaining a high lookout vantage point. They are also often on the tallest point around a town which, when coupled with the fact that they already have fortified fences, makes them easier to defend.

For even more safety, you can build these DIY traps and alarms against looters and intruders, which are great for your own property as well.

A water tower would be idea for most emergency situations but most useful in instances where infrastructure has failed and access to clean water is scarce. They can also prove beneficial when defensibility is important, such as during civil unrest and small conflicts.

Empty Grain Silo

You’ll be able to find these scattered across the country. Their strong, cylindrical shape make them perfect for withstanding severe weather and, though it may be difficult, they can be renovated to make a complete living and homesteading structure.

If defensibility is a key priority in your bug out scenario, the height of a grain silo gives you a perfect spotter’s nest and, since they are on farmland which is often flat and expansive, you’ll be able to see enemies long before they are a threat. And, the nearby farmland gives the benefit of being able to sustain life through crops.

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Some potential downfalls include the challenge of regulating temperature inside. Because they are made of this metal with no insulation, you’ll have to take the necessary steps yourself to insulate. Also, because they are often in rural and isolated areas, access to needed medical care and supplies could be difficult for long-term use.

Isolated Cave

Unusual Bug Out Locations You Should Know AboutThe benefits of bugging out to a cave may seem obvious.

Because of their isolation, they can be great when needing to leave a fallen civilization or civil unrest. They offer natural protection from the elements as well, making them idea for those needing to escape natural disasters.

In a short to mid-term basis, is an excellent location. However, there are some things to consider.

Caves are usually home to dangerous wildlife, depending on the region you are in. In addition to wildlife, caves can be susceptible to flooding during heavy rains and can lack sufficient ventilation, especially in deeper caverns.

However, with this helpful guide, you can learn how to survive long-term in the wild. It also teaches you how to recognize animal marks and footprints and how to defend yourself.

Catacombs and Mausoleums

This would likely top the list of most unusual or bizarre locations for bugging out, but it could also prove to be the best idea yet.

First, if you find a catacomb or mausoleum that is underground, you’ll gain access to natural cooling and privacy, making your task of surviving a tab easier. These would be ideal in a case of needing to bug out in an urban area for a temporary basis, such as society turning to chaos or unnecessary government shutdown and marshal law. They are, however, not without their drawbacks.

The major issue would be the psychological impact of staying among the dead places, not to mention the ethical considerations. And, though this isn’t much of a thought during a bug out scenario, there could be potential legal issues if you are caught.

Sustaining life could prove to be difficult, as well, without natural light and ventilation, making this type of location only suitable on a temporary basis. Despite these challenges, the stealth and protection afforded from catacombs or mausoleums may outweigh the negatives, if only temporarily.

Abandoned Factory

Unusual Bug Out Locations You Should Know AboutSadly, every community across America has an abandoned factory, but when defensibility and fortification is needed for a large group, they make an excellent choice for a bug out location.

Most abandoned factories are going to be a simple concrete building, meaning they can withstand the elements.

They also contain open spaces making for large storage possibility. Plus, the repurposing of industrial materials will greatly enhance survival probabilities.

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One major problem, however, is many factories will have been exposed to hazardous materials and large machinery left behind. This can make for unsafe conditions and possible usability issues. This means scouting the factory before bugging out is important. If you’re looking to house a large number of people safely during an emergency, though, it would definitely be worth it.

If you’re facing infrastructure breakdowns or biological concerns, a factory isn’t the right place. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a place to stay on a permanent basis, it could be suitable with the right modifications.

Aircraft Hangar

Even small municipalities have airports, so gaining access to an aircraft hangar during a bug out situation shouldn’t be too difficult.

This is another type of structure ideal for housing an entire family with enough open space for storage of both supplies and vehicles out of the elements. And, seeing as though airports are often outside of city limits, there should be access to farmable land.

One major downfall to an aircraft hangar is also one of the benefits, the large open spaces. During seasons of extreme cold, it will be difficult to heat the entire space without proper modifications, with the same being true in extremely hot seasons for cooling.

Additionally, because of their size and location, aircraft hangars are sure to attract unwanted attention. That would make using these in a matter of civil unrest or societal breakdown undesirable.

Yet, if you’re facing total loss of infrastructure and need to establish a permanent location for your family or small community, finding an aircraft hangar could prove to be beneficial.

Bugging out versus Bugging In

The choice between bugging out and bugging in is a critical one not to be taken lightly. In many cases, bugging in is considered safer, especially if you’ve taken the necessary steps to prepare your home/property and in gathering supplies.

However, there may come a time when bugging out is the only option. Even then, however, the experienced prepper has contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of those looking to you.

Each of these locations offer their one unique set of pros and cons. Yet, regardless of where you choose to bug out, one thing remains constant: the need for proper preparation and survival knowledge.

That’s why I rely on the Wilderness Long Term Survival Guide. This isn’t your typical survival manual; it’s a practical tool that teaches you the forgotten wisdom of our ancestors who not only survived but thrived in the wild. So, whether you find yourself in a remote cave or a hidden forest retreat, make sure this handbook is in your backpack; it could be your only means of survival in a crisis.

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