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Ukraine Will “Step Up” Long Range Missile Strikes on Russia

Ukraine will step up its long range strikes inside Russia, the chief of Britain’s defense staff has predicted. Admiral Tony Radakin also suggested that incoming Western aid would help Kyiv gain the upper hand despite the difficult” situation.

This news comes as Russian authorities claim Kyiv’s attacks involving Western-supplied munitions have killed over 200 civilians since the start of the year. Russia is taking this as a signal of Western aggression and could react at any time to prevent more military supplies from making it to Ukraine.

On Monday, the British government announced what it described as its largest-ever military aid package to Ukraine, worth £500 million ($617 million). It includes an undisclosed number of long-range Storm Shadow missiles.

Two days later, US President Joe Biden signed off on a massive defense aid package that envisages $61 billion for Kiev. The legislation had been deadlocked since last fall over political bickering in Congress. –RT

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that “these new batches of weapons… will not change the dynamics on the frontline.” The United States seems to agree. Its ruling class “doubts” that military and financial aid coming from Washington will help Ukraine much if any.  Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s stance that Kiev should fight until it takes back all of its territory, including Crimea, “commits the US to a much longer conflict with no guarantee Zelensky will achieve his goals,” Politico stressed, according to a separate report by RT. 

Moscow Claims Ukraine Has Lost Half A Million Troops In The War

The ruling classes are igniting and aggressively advancing wars that the slave class (civilians) will be expected to fight. This is nothing new, and will only end when humanity realizes it doesn’t have to kill or be killed on command for those who think they have power over everyone else.

Slave State Intensifies: Conscription In Ukraine Prompts Fear

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