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The West, Led by America, Is Trying To Instigate NUCLEAR World War

This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

Moscow is sounding the alarm about the United States government’s continued efforts to lead the entire world into a global nuclear holocaust.

Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov at the recent Moscow Nonproliferation Conference told an audience that the West, led by the U.S., is inching closer toward nuclear conflict as it interferes with Russia’s efforts to remove Ukraine from the clutches of the Western deep state.

The entire world is in a state of crisis right now, no doubt. And the U.S. is largely responsible for the continued escalation of these problems with its blatant violations of international arms laws, Lavrov explained.

The mechanisms that govern arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation are under attack by Washington, Lavrov said, adding that the U.S. has been “cyclically combining the deliberate destruction of balanced and equal [arms control] agreements” using “blatantly dishonest schemes.”

If there was ever a simple phrase to describe the United States in 2024, by the way, “blatantly dishonest schemes” pretty much covers it.

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Judgment is coming

There was supposed to be a review of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in recent days, but the U.S. and its allies blocked it from taking place, Lavrov added.

Not only that but there is a three-way agreement between the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Australia called AUKUS that is becoming “increasingly similar to a military block,” Lavrov warned, comparing AUKUS to NATO.

The U.S., the UK, and France are also primarily responsible for keeping the “criminal Kiev regime” in place. They are also, according to Lavrov, the “main organizers” behind the West’s provocations against Russia.

“The U.S. and their NATO client states are still dreaming of inflicting a ‘strategic defeat’ on Russia and are ready to carry on with their policy of deterring our country ‘to the last Ukrainian …,’” Lavrov said.

“The West is balancing on the dangerous edge of a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers, which could have catastrophic consequences.”

Most of the world’s nuclear warheads, around 90 percent, are controlled by the U.S. and Russia, according to the U.S.-based Arms Control Association. There have long been arms agreements in place to keep the two nations in check, but the last remaining one, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, also known as “New START,” is now defunct after Russia recently suspended its participation.

Citing U.S. involvement in the Ukraine conflict as the primary reason for this suspension, Russia is moving pieces around the chess board, as is the West, in anticipation of a coming nuclear conflict.

The U.S. is trying to get Russia to come back to New START, but Moscow has said that will not happen as long as the U.S. continues to support the corrupt Kiev regime.

Lavrov, emphasizing Moscow’s position on this, said there is “no basis whatsoever” for any kind of arms control dialogue with the U.S. “in the face of a total hybrid war being waged against our country.”

The U.S. had better take note of these warnings. If it does not back off, the West will soon find itself a smoldering heap of radioactive ruins, which might just be the divine judgment it deserves.

“Russia continually warned the West that expansion of NATO could lead to war,” one commenter wrote. “The West ignored Russia and that resulted in the SMO.”

“Russia has been continually warning the West that undermining or leaving nuclear arms control agreements could lead to nuclear war. The West ignores Russia. They won’t be able to say that they were not warned.”

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