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The “Experts” Are Warning Against Drinking Raw Milk As Bird Flu Spreads

The “experts” are warning the public against the consumption of raw unpasteurized milk and the H5N1 bird flu continues to spread amongst the cattle herds in the United States. In fact, raw milk is just one more thing that those who want control over humanity say should be banned.

“If I were in charge, for the moment I would forbid the selling of raw milk,” said Thijs Kuiken, a pathologist in the department of viroscience at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who has done research on H5N1 and the damage it inflicts for about two decades.

According to a report by Stat News, the H5N1 bird flu has been circulating in dairy cow herds in multiple parts of the country, likely for months now. Testing of milk from infected cows shows the virus is present in concentrations that have taken scientists by surprise. They worry that if a raw milk consumer inadvertently drank milk from infected cows, the results could be bad — potentially really bad.

These people aren’t actually saying what could happen, they have only just begun the fear-mongering step. Just know, it could be “really bad.”

“I absolutely wouldn’t go anywhere near raw milk in terms of consuming it,” said Richard Webby, an influenza virologist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, whose laboratories have been involved in testing to see if evidence of H5N1 RNA can be found in commercially purchased milk. Spoiler alert: it can.  But the real question is whether a live virus can be grown from pasteurized milk containing H5N1 RNA and if so, if it can actually infect humans from there. So far it looks like the answer to that pondery is no.

WHO: Bird Flu Spreading To Humans is “Of Enormous Concern”

Kuiken said that his concern about the risk that infected raw milk poses is not so much that the practice of consuming raw milk, but that it might somehow help the virus to mutate in ways that would allow it to spread easily to and among people. If H5N1 mutates enough, then we could have the devastating real plandemic that COVID-19 was designed to train us for.

For now, though, it looks like this plandemic is still in the fear-mongering stage. But it could ramp up anytime the rulers decide.

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