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Silencerco Omega 36M, Tested and Reviewed

There are lots of suppressors on the market, but the Omega 36M is one of the most versatile and useful cans you’ll find. That modularity makes it one of the best options for a hunter or shooter looking to buy their first one.

When buying my first suppressor, I wanted one that I could use on multiple rifles, so I picked a .30-caliber can that was made to thread over muzzle brakes or flash hiders. I could install the brakes on different rifles and swap the can between them at will — as long as they were .30 caliber or smaller. The Suppressed Armament Systems Arbiter worked wonderfully, and I used it on rifles from .300 Win. Mag. down to .17 Hornet.

Fast forward 15 years and shooters in the same position have better options for a do-all can. You want one that you can shoot on your .338 Win. Mag., but also need a shorter one for your .223? No problem. You might want a direct-thread option for some rifles, a Q.D. over-brake mount for others and, hell, why not use it on your 9mm pistol? If you want the ultimate modularity in a suppressor, you’ll find it hard to beat the Silencerco Omega 36M.

Silencerco Omega 36M Specs

See It

  • Caliber: .360-inches and under
  • Length: 5.125 inches to 7.625 inches (measured, depending on configuration) 
  • Weight:13.5 ounces to 16.5 ounces (measured, depending on configuration)
  • Materials: Cobalt 6, inconel, titanium, stainless steel
  • Finish: Black Cerakote
  • Cartridge Rating: .338 Lapua Magnum and under (Maximum .355 diameter)
  • Accessory compatibility: Silencerco “Charlie” pattern
  • Full-Auto-Rated: Yes
  • Price: $1,170

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Can swaps between over-brake, direct-thread, piston, and 3-lug mounts
  • Removable front baffle stack
  • Interchangeable endcaps
  • Does NOT use standard HUB mounting

Review Highlights

  • Impressively modular
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great for a wide range of calibers and applications

Benefits of a Modular Suppressor Like the Omega 36M

Most suppressors can be used on more than one rifle. You can generally use them with any caliber smaller than what they’re rated for. That makes them versatile, but not modular. A modular suppressor can be modified for a more custom configuration.

The best modular suppressors like the Silencerco Omega 36M incorporate several features:

  • They come with interchangeable endcaps
  • They are adjustable for overall length
  • They accommodate different mounting methods

These features allow you to use your suppressor on a wide range of firearms, rather than buying cans for multiple guns. You will have to buy some of these extra accessories and mounting hardware items, but there’s no wait time or restrictions for those. Good modular suppressors might not be the best in any single category, but they work well in a lot of applications. 

Design and Function of the Silencerco Omega 36M

Nearly any modern silencer is simply a tube with a series of baffles that slow down gasses that are escaping from the muzzle, reducing sound, concussion, and recoil, and that’s the case with the Omega 36M. It’s a solid welded design, and the baffles or baffle stacks are not removable. Some suppressors like the Banish Series have individual removable baffles, and others like the Silencerco Hybrid 46 have a removable welded baffle stack.

This one employs a series of radiused conical baffles with a relief cut in each baffle to allow gas to flow through the can and populate the entire suppressor. The main portion of the Omega 36M has seven baffles, and threading on the included extension brings it to 10 total. I’ll commonly use the short configuration (5.125 inches) for 9mm, .17 Hornet, and .223, and use the longer 7.625-inch configuration for larger calibers. Exact length depends on the mounting hardware you’re using. Though quieter in its longest form, the short configuration is nice to run on a hunting rifle because it’s lighter, less protuberant, and still knocks the muzzle blast and sound way down — while not weighing much more than common titanium cans.

The Omega 36M uses Silencerco’s “Charlie” pattern endcaps and accessories. The small endcaps thread into the front of the suppressor and can be tightened or removed with included tools. Endcaps are available with several exit diameters, but the can comes with the standard .36-caliber cap. 

Overbore Suppressors and Endcaps

Many modular suppressors have large diameter holes through the baffles (.36 caliber in this case), and accept different endcaps to reduce the bore diameter at the exit. This does help reduce noise a bit, but you probably won’t notice the difference. For a can like the Silencerco Omega 36M, I like to use a .30-caliber endcap for smaller calibers like 6.5mm and .223, and use the stock .36-caliber endcap for 9mm, .350 Legend, and .338. Sound reduction depends on a number of factors and isn’t easily and objectively measured by the end user. Smaller endcaps are worth a try, but there’s no need to go crazy with them. 

The Modularity Is in the Mounting

The Silencerco Omega 36M wouldn’t be nearly as versatile as it is without its mounting options. Where many suppressors are using the standardized HUB pattern (1.375 inch x 24), the Omega 36M uses a tighter-pitch 1.375-inch x 32 male thread at the rear. (Most suppressors utilize a female thread on the can itself.) The front end cap has a smaller 1.295-inch x 32 thread with no front flange. It threads down inside the body of the can and is supported securely by a shoulder in the suppressor body. The Omega 36M accommodates direct thread, ASR/over-brake, 3-lug, and piston mounts, making it suitable for just about any style of gun from a 9mm PCC to your favorite hunting rifle. Here are some details on how each setup works.

Direct-Thread Mounts

The direct-thread mount is the most basic way to attach a silencer to your rifle, and many people prefer this for hunting rifles. Most HUB-based suppressors have a one-piece threaded mount that screws into the can, but the Omega 36M is a bit different. The threads are on the outside of the tube, and the direct-thread mount has an angled shoulder that mates with an angled surface on the inside of the suppressor body. A lock ring holds the direct-thread mount in place.

After a year of using this on a variety of guns, I haven’t encountered any problems. Mounts always seem to install and center up consistently, and I’ve never had any issues with carbon buildup between the mounts and suppressor body. It’s perhaps not as versatile as the HUB system, but it’s well supported by Silencerco with a lot of accessories.

ASR Over-Brake Mount

The Omega 36M comes standard with an ASR mount, which is Silencerco’s proprietary system that quickly threads and locks the can over the top of a Silencerco ASR brake or flash hider. The Omega 36M can be quickly installed or removed, and the brake stays on the gun. This is a great option for an AR-style rifle or .30/30 lever gun. The similar Hybrid 46M suppressor is the same overall diameter, uses the same accessories, but is compatible with .44 Mag. and .45/70 lever guns.

3-Lug Mounts

The 3-lug mount is most commonly associated with the 9mm H&K MP5 (or SP5 for civilian purchase). The muzzle device itself is simply a round tube with three locking lugs. A number of companies make 3-lug muzzle devices that thread directly onto the standard 9mm ½-28 muzzle threads. 

The mount itself is spring-loaded and held in the rear of the Omega 36M by the lock ring — the same way the direct-thread mount is held in place. To install on your gun, simply press the mount down over the muzzle (past the locking lugs) and a 30-degree twist will lock it in place.

Pistol Pistons

Though heavier than many dedicated pistol suppressors — 14.5 ounces vs. the Osprey 2.0 at 10.5 ounces — the Silencerco Omega 36M works well and isn’t obtrusive on 9mm handguns. For this application, Silencerco offers a piston housing, spring, and pistons to match various barrel threads. This assembly is locked into the rear of the suppressor with the external locking ring as well. The purpose of the piston and spring is to boost the recoil, helping semi-auto pistols with non-fixed barrels function properly with the excess weight hanging off the end of the barrel.

The Silencerco Omega 36M in Practice

I’ve worked the hell out of this can over the past year, shooting it on .223 carbines and SBRs, 9mm pistols and carbines, and just about every hunting caliber I own up to (and including) .338 Lapua Mag. I’ve used it extensively with all of the mounting systems, and it’s unquestionably the most versatile suppressor in my collection. Because sound signature is so subjective and differs with each gun, caliber, and measuring point, I haven’t gone into the weeds trying to measure sound levels — doing it right would take a laboratory. Anecdotally, it seems to work pretty damn well with a lot of calibers, and its versatility is the real focal point anyway.

The included maintenance tools and the can itself are thoughtfully designed. Most parts can easily be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, and excess carbon buildup at the front and rear of the suppressor can be scraped out without accidentally damaging the threads. After high-volume shooting, I’ve had to use soft vise jaws to hold the suppressor and a torch to gently heat components to get them apart, but it’s quite easy to work with and maintain.


What caliber will the Silencerco Omega 36M work with?

The Silencerco Omega 36M will work with almost any caliber that has a bullet less than .360 inches in diameter. That means everything from 9mm Luger through .338 Lapua Mag.

How much is the Silencerco Omega 36M?

The base price of the Omega 36M is about $1,170. Add to that your $200 tax stamp, and a couple mounting accessories, you’re looking at around $1,500 total.

Can the Omega 36M shoot .45 ACP?

No, the Silencerco Omega 36M cannot accommodate .45 ACP — at least not more than once. The .36-caliber baffle diameter is too small. The Silencerco Hybrid 46M is nearly identical, but it will accommodate .45 caliber cartridges.

Final Thoughts on the Silencerco Omega 36M

If you’re shopping for your first suppressor, I’d say that there are few better than the Silencerco Omega 36M. There are more specialized suppressors, sure, but as a versatile do-all, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat it. Even the silencer aficionado who owns a stable of suppressors will find this can worth having, and I’ve put more rounds and more calibers through mine in the past year than any other single can. It’s not a champion of any single category, but it’s a damn fine option for just about any of them. 

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