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Deadly Mistakes You Make When Using a Generator

There might be a hidden enemy in your house right now. The generator that you rely on to save your life in a long-term blackout could turn out to be your killer.

No matter if it’s a solar, gas, or diesel generator, you want to make sure you are safe while it’s in use.

I have compiled a short list of dangerous mistakes people often make when using a generator, and I’ll let you know exactly what you need to do instead.

Running a Generator Inside

Carbon monoxide poisoning has killed more than 770 people in the U.S. in recent years. When you run this type of generator indoors, it releases so much carbon monoxide that it can easily kill a person in a matter of minutes.

Deadly Mistakes You Make When Using a Generator

This also applies if you use the generator in your garage; the toxic fumes will still affect your health, causing symptoms like dizziness, nausea, headaches, confusion, and even worse!

And that’s not all! Many generators can overheat if they are run in an enclosed space.

And with flammable objects around, your house can burn down faster than you can react.

Using Loud Generators

Generators are extremely loud—nothing new here!

If you use your generator to be more self-sufficient or to get over a short-term blackout, the noise might be very upsetting but not dangerous.

However, during a major blackout, when you’re one of the only people out there with backup power, you don’t want looters to hear that you have a running generator. Anyone who finds himself in a desperate situation, with no food and no heat, can turn into a burglar, even your friendly neighbors! Here’s a great solution if you want to get rid of this noise, and stay safe during a major blackout.

Forgetting About Maintenance

Deadly Mistakes You Make When Using a Generator

Unfortunately, most generators require A LOT of maintenance.

Think about your car. You don’t skip any maintenance, and you pay a lot to make sure it is safe and sound.

You should do the same when it comes to your generator.

Also, generators require oil to function properly, and just like your car, your generator needs frequent oil changes. If not changed it often enough, it will start malfunctioning.

Whether you use your generator or not, you’ll have to get it out of the box every now and then, start it, let it do its work for some time, and then pack it up again. Also, don’t forget to check the air filters so the ventilation works properly.

Leaving the Gas Inside

Fuel goes bad over time. You can store fuel for months—in special containers and in a dry place—but in most cases, it is only a matter of weeks until it starts degrading. This will not only minimize the performance of your generator’s engine but likely cause a lot of damage. You need to make sure you empty your generator, especially if you know you’re not going to use it for a long time.

While reading several articles and reviews about different types of generators and getting to know more about how they work, I came across a new alternative that seems a lot safer and that you can actually make yourself! It is called the Modular Backyard Power Plant, and it was designed by Ron Melchiore. This guy is a trained electrician who’s been living off-grid for 43 years now. His house has NEVER been connected to the grid, so he has used and tested several types of power back-ups. The Modular Backyard Power Plant is the device that Ron uses at the moment to power his entire house.

The Modular Backyard Power Plant is completely silent, so you don´t have to worry a second about looters or any other unwanted visitors. Also, this generator doesn’t need fuel or any kind of maintenance so all you need to do is build your modular power plant and run it.

You can mount this small generator on a wall, or you can make it portable and take it with you. Click here to discover how to make your own Modular Backyard Powerplant.

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