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Work out while you work: 7 pieces of workout equipment that fit under your desk

According to some scientists, sitting is the new smoking. When you sit for hours on end without any exercise, this can pose health risks in the future and make your body stiff and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can get in a workout while still working at your desk.

We have options for standing desks and more typical sitting desks. From ellipticals to stair steppers to treadmills, there’s something for every type of worker.

You can get most of the items on our list shipped to your door in 24 hours if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can join or start a 30-day free trial to start your shopping today.

Better your balance with a balance board. 

When you want to get up from your desk, a balance board helps you get some exercise for a few minutes. It’s easy to use, too. Just stand on either end of the board and try your best to balance. This helps build up leg and core strength. Amazon has a low-budget balance board, or opt for the original Plane Cloud balance board from FluidStance.

Turn your desk into a bike with this pedaler.  

Keep yourself moving while you’re on calls or answering emails with an elliptical that fits snugly under your desk. They operate just like an elliptical or bike pedaler you’d find at the gym; you’re just using your office chair as a seat. Find options at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Amazon.

Get your steps in with a stair stepper. 

Want to feel like you’ve walked a few flights of stairs without getting up from your desk? A stair stepper machine helps you get in your steps throughout the whole day. Amazon has a stair stepper for under $50. Or, you can get a stair stepper complete with resistance bands for added exercise from Walmart.

Walk for miles while getting all your work done. 

Walking pads are just small treadmills that fit under standing desks. They’re a great way to lose weight or stay healthy when you’re short on time. Amazon has a simple walking pad, but if you want a more high-tech option, the Walking Pad company has foldable options.

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Release excess energy with a foot swing. 

A foot swing is not only comfortable when you want to put your feet up at work, but you can use the swing to stretch your calves and other leg muscles. It’s one of the easier pieces of exercise equipment to install and store under your desk. You can find foot swings at Walmart or Uplift Desk for a relatively low cost.

Stretch your ankles with the help of a foot rocker. 

Foot rockers get you moving and help stretch your ankles and calves. It’s a small piece of exercise equipment that’s easy to use. Just balance your feet on the foot pads and rock your ankles back and forth. After continued use, your hamstrings, heels and ankles will be less tight. Find footrocker options at Amazon or Powerstep.

Switch out your office chair for an exercise ball. 

An exercise ball is a classic option for desk workers. You can use it as a chair and bounce and balance to get your body moving during work hours. Plus, they’re one of the more affordable exercising options. Walmart and Amazon both have options under $30.

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