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Update: Court Refuses to Allow Oregon’s Anti-Gun Measure to Go Into Effect During Appeal

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In the latest update on Oregon’s contentious gun control law, Measure 114, the Oregon Court of Appeals has blocked the law from taking effect while an appeal is ongoing, KATU reports. The decision comes after a Harney County judge previously ruled that the measure violated the constitutional right to bear arms under the Oregon Constitution.

Measure 114, which was approved by voters, mandates that individuals undergo a criminal background check and complete a gun safety training course to obtain a permit to purchase a firearm. Additionally, the measure seeks to ban high-capacity magazines.

The state had requested that the measure be allowed to take effect during the appeals process. However, the Court of Appeals found that implementing the law now would disrupt the current legal status quo. The court also noted that the state’s argument suggesting imminent risk of harm without the law’s enforcement was based on speculative grounds.

While the court has denied immediate implementation of Measure 114, it has agreed to expedite the appeals process. To facilitate thorough consideration, the court has extended the deadline for filing legal briefs to 119 days from the announcement on Friday, as per KATU’s coverage based on information from the Oregonian. This decision marks a significant moment in the ongoing debate over gun control measures in Oregon.

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