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Two San Antonio Homeowners Use Firearms to Thwart Crimes in a Single Morning

SAN ANTONIO, TX (2-minute read) – Local residents in San Antonio are increasingly using firearms to thwart crimes, as highlighted by two separate incidents on Thursday morning where firearms were employed defensively.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, both incidents involved homeowners who successfully used firearms to prevent criminal activities. Sgt. Andrew Valle noted a rise in such defensive uses of firearms. “It does seem there is a spike in these types of activities,” Valle commented while investigating one of the shootings.

In the first case, a resident of an apartment on the 8700 block of Marbach utilized a firearm to stop an intruder early in the morning. The intruder, who sustained a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the stomach, allegedly attempted to force entry into the apartment, claiming it was his residence.

Shortly before this, a homeowner on the 400 block of General Kruger encountered two men stealing roofing materials from his driveway, as captured on his surveillance system. The homeowner, who had experienced a previous theft, confronted and shot the suspects, who were later arrested and charged with theft. Police later confirmed that the homeowner’s actions were justified.

These incidents reflect a broader trend of residents taking safety into their own hands.

Sgt. Valle encourages calling 911 first, but acknowledges the growing trend of self-defense among community members facing threats.

Firearm Safety Tip: If you choose to use a firearm for home defense, ensure you receive proper training on handling and legal use to effectively and safely protect yourself and your property.

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