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Top Reasons AR-15s Should Never Be Banned

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Writer Conor Jameson on United Liberty, an oddly random website with interesting article topics that hum with a slightly click baity, AI-written vibe, took on a topic near and dear to many of our TTAG readers with the title, “13 Reasons the AR-15 Should Never Be Banned.” While the strict constitutionalists among our ranks will point to only one very significant reason, “it goes against our Constitution,” Jameson makes a good argument with his other 12 reasons, though he also points out in his intro, he believes No. 13 is the most significant argument as well.

But here’s his key arguments and list in a nutshell:

The AR-15, often misunderstood as a “weapon of war,” is in fact a versatile civilian firearm not used by the military in combat. Commonly employed for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that offers reliability and adaptability. Its use among civilians is backed by various practical and legal reasons, underlining why it should not be banned. Here are thirteen compelling reasons supporting this argument:

1. Not Automatic: The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, firing one round per trigger pull, unlike fully automatic weapons which have been heavily regulated since 1934.

2. Common Use: It is widely used by civilians for lawful activities including hunting, target shooting and self-defense, reflecting its adaptation to civilian needs.

3. Hunting Utility: The AR-15’s lightweight, accuracy and customizable features make it ideal for hunting various game and controlling predators to protect livestock.

4. Sport Shooting: Its precision and customizability make the AR-15 popular in competitive sport shooting events across various levels.

5. Self-Defense: Many owners cite self-defense as a primary reason for possession, utilizing its reliable and manageable design to protect homes and families.

6. Educational Tool: Used in training for firearms safety and marksmanship, the AR-15 serves as a practical educational tool due to its modifiable and accurate design.

7. Precision: Engineered for accuracy, the AR-15 features high-quality components like free-floating barrels and match-grade barrels for enhanced precision.

8. Customizable: The rifle’s modularity allows for extensive customization, catering to different uses and preferences, from sports shooting to home defense.

9. Safety Features: Built-in safety mechanisms like manual safety switches, bolt catch mechanisms and buffer systems ensure the AR-15’s safe operation.

10. Economic Impact: The production and sale of AR-15s support thousands of jobs and contribute significantly to the U.S. economy through the firearms industry.

11. Historical Significance: Since its design in the 1960s, the AR-15 has become an integral part of American gun culture, symbolizing the tradition of civilian gun ownership and American engineering excellence (ok, maybe I added the engineering excellence part).

12. Range of Use: Its versatile nature makes the AR-15 suitable for a wide range of activities, from recreational shooting to personal defense.

13. Constitutional Right: The AR-15 supports the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms, representing a fundamental aspect of American freedom and individual rights.

Each point underscores the importance of the AR-15 within civilian life and highlights the broader implications of a potential ban on such firearms. While probably all 13 aren’t really strictly reasons to support they shouldn’t be banned, they all are valid reasons why people appreciate the design and why, after becoming so integral to both recreational and defensive shooting purposes, the AR-15 in everyday American hands should never be outlawed.

Check out Jameson’s full list and supporting arguments here.

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Read the full article here

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