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Suspect’s Father In Sydney Stabbing Spree Says Son Targeted Women Because He Couldn’t Get Any

An Australian man named Joel Cauchi was identified as the perpetrator of a fatal stabbing spree at the Westfield Bondi Junction mall in Sydney, which resulted in the death of six individuals and injuries to over a dozen. The attack took place near the renowned Bondi Beach. Police have discounted terrorism as a motive, pointing instead to Cauchi’s mental health issues, noting his history with schizophrenia.

Andrew Cauchi, Joel’s father, provided insights into the possible motivation behind his son’s actions, suggesting that his inability to form romantic relationships and lack of social skills due to his mental condition might have driven him to target women. This theory emerged even as police continued to delve into the reasons why Joel specifically targeted female victims while largely sparing males.

The attack led to the deaths of five women and Faraz Tahir, a 30-year-old Pakistani refugee and unarmed security guard. Most of the surviving victims were also women. According to New South Wales State Police Commissioner Karen Webb, ongoing investigations are focused on this pattern, supported by CCTV footage which clearly shows Joel attacking women.

Andrew Cauchi, visibly upset, described his son as a profoundly troubled individual, whom he still loved despite his actions. “He’s my son, and I’m loving a monster. To you, he’s a monster. To me, he was a very sick boy. Believe me, he was a very sick boy,”

Further complicating the background of this tragic event, Andrew revealed his son’s obsession with knives and recounted an incident where he confiscated military-grade knives from Joel to prevent potential violence, only for Joel to report him for theft.

The situation culminated when police fatally shot Joel Cauchi in response to the mall attack. The police are continuing their investigation into the incident, examining family interactions and the circumstances leading up to the tragedy.

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