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SEAN HANNITY: Schools do nothing in the face of 'raw, repulsive' antisemitism

Fox News host Sean Hannity unpacks the anti-Israel protests disrupting college campuses in his opening monologue on “Hannity,” specifically calling out these institutions’ presidents.

SEAN HANNITY: What Alec Baldwin just encountered pales in comparison to what many Jewish students have faced now across New York City and the country. For example, at the Ivy League institution, Columbia, they have been run out of town. Literally for weeks, hundreds of anti-Israel agitators occupying a central location on Columbia’s campus — they’re pitching their tents, they’re blocking a key passageway. They are disrupting nearby classes and harassing anyone who seemed even remotely pro-Israel. 


There were signs praising Hamas, praising terrorism, also calls for a global intifada, which is a religious war against the Jewish people. Nearby, masked individuals chanting for more attacks, like the terror attack on Oct. 7, and calling on terrorists to murder and to rape pro-Israel protesters. Now, the school’s rabbi urged all Jewish students to leave the area immediately [and] return home because that campus is simply not safe for them. Now, a Jewish professor was reportedly banned from the campus to prevent a violent uproar from this crowd of angry, “peaceful” protesters. Republican lawmakers — they’re now calling on Biden to mobilize the National Guard to protect the local Jewish population. 

But now, instead of clearing the campus and restoring order, Columbia’s president is ordering that classes be made available online. That would mean that the school’s Jewish population can now complete the semester, hiding away in the safety of their own homes. Does that not seem wrong to you? Columbia’s president is a gutless coward who now faces numerous calls, rightly so, to resign, but we see the same response from almost every elite school president. 


They’re now facing violent, disruptive protests, terrified by their own radical professors, many tenured and students. And these schools do nothing in the face of what is raw, repulsive bigotry, hatred, antisemitism, leaving their minority Jewish population simply to wither on the vine. 

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