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SEAN HANNITY: Hate is running rampant all across the country

FOX News host Sean Hannity reacts to demonstrators “openly praising” Hamas on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: But first, a word about the extremism and the hate now running rampant all across the country, starting just one day after the barbaric Hamas terror attack on October 7th. There have been hundreds of anti-Israeli protests all around our country. These so-called demonstrators, we’ve watched them openly praising the terror group Hamas, calling for a global Islamic war against the West, defacing national landmarks and statues, vandalizing our own White House, burning American flags and [trying] to break down the doors at the DNC. These obsessive rioters, they hate Israel, hate America, the Jewish people they hate so much. They’re now enthusiastically condoning, excusing terrorism, rape, murder, torture, kidnapping, even women, young children, babies. But you don’t have to take my word for it. At an Oakland City council meeting, a measure to condemn the October 7th terror attack, that was met with outrage and plenty of praise for Hamas.


Yeah, killing innocent people, that’s terrorism. Killing kids at a concert, that’s terrorism. Kidnaping children, killing children, that’s terrorism. The left in this country have become so radicalized and the very same woke, you know, morons who believe “words are violence,” they’re now excusing actual rape, actual torture and murder and kidnapping. Now, ultimately, the city council, they voted unanimously to demand a permanent cease-fire. They want Israel to stop fighting back, defending their country, even though Hamas has taken a pledge to wipe Israel off the map. They’re just simply defending themselves. But the resolution to condemn the Hamas terror attack, yeah, that failed by a vote of 6 to 2 in today’s, well, left. Terrorism, I guess, is OK so long as it’s directed at the Jewish people. 

Now, naturally, this includes washed up actress Cynthia Nixon. Apparently, Nixon does not believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and has now joined a five day hunger strike in support of a cease-fire. Of course, she’s only going to participate two out of the five days because she’s got other things to do. I do hope she gets the attention she desperately is looking for. But while Cynthia and others, you know, these woke losers are looking for their recognition, many of these pro-Hamas protesters really do hate the Jewish people, hate Israel, the Jewish state, the United States. And that should be deeply concerning to anybody with a heart, a conscience and a soul. That’s very concerning.

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