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SEAN HANNITY: Democrats went from hippies to terrorist sympathizers

Fox News host Sean Hannity criticizes President Biden for trying to “buy” college students’ votes by paying off their student loans as many protest against Israel on campuses like Columbia University.


SEAN HANNITY: Things have gotten so bad, a rabbi at Columbia University calling for students now to leave the campus. And they have. And they now have to finish their semesters online. Why? Because the school has been unwilling, unable, to safeguard these students in the face of what is extreme antisemitism and nothing but utter anarchy. Now one pro-Israel professor, he was even reportedly banned from Columbia’s campus. His key card was allegedly deactivated. His counter-protest was not allowed on school grounds because of the “obvious”risk to the safety of the students. 

In other words, the pro-Hamas crowd. They’re now running the show. They have taken over a big part of the university. Dissent, no longer safe at an Ivy League institution. 

Now the base of the Democratic Party, they have gone from self-proclaimed open-minded, peace-loving hippies to radical terrorist sympathizers. You know, the very people that would get triggered if you use the wrong pronoun. Now they are justifying violence and really offering what is nothing short of aid and comfort to terrorists. Now, to his credit, there is one Democrat, only one – and that’s John Fetterman, of all people – calling these protests reprehensible and demanding Columbia’s president step down. Now, Senator Tim Scott, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and several other Republican lawmakers, they have also called for Columbia’s president to resign. She should be fired before she resigns.

The New York Times, well, they’re describing the protest as one big happy party: “At Columbia, the protests continued with dancing and pizza.” That’s just like the summer of 2020. 574 mostly peaceful riots. Remember dozens of dead Americans, cops pelted with bricks, rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails, and billions in property damage. 

And yet, radical members of Joe Biden’s far left base, they now feel very comfortable openly supporting the terrorist organization whose own charter calls for Israel’s destruction, defending, making excuses for terrorists trying to get Israel to back down and just accept that this is their way of life. That’s your modern, Democratic, radicalized party. The icing on the cake: One day, if Joe Biden gets his way, you’re probably going to be forced to pay off the massive student loans for all of those radicals on all of these campuses whose role is always to play America’s ultimate victims. All because Joe Biden, he wants to buy their vote. 

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