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SEAN HANNITY: Biden's walking a tightrope despite his bad balance

Fox News host Sean Hannity highlights President Biden’s slipping poll numbers amid economic pressure and a split base Monday on “Hannity.”


SEAN HANNITY: Now, as tensions are rising across the country, the president, a self-proclaimed healer of souls, has gone noticeably missing and quiet. He desperately needs his radical base to show up for him in November. So, Joe has been trashing Netanyahu and Israel while trying to ignore the hate-filled protests of the left. He’s trying to walk a tightrope. And as we all know, well, Biden does not have very good balance in any regard. 

Anyway, now he’s falling in the polls in a major way. Don’t take it from me. Let’s look at this. A brand-new poll from CNN. Donald Trump has now opened up a whopping six-point lead nationwide, nearly double the margin of error. When you throw in the third party candidates, Donald Trump’s lead swells to nine points. The key driver behind these numbers? Well, the economy and immigration. 

According to the same CNN poll, 66% of voters disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy. And it is not just fake news CNN. Let’s look at the CBS poll from three key battleground states, showing that a large plurality of Americans believe they would be much better off financially if Donald Trump wins in November. In Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, an overwhelming majority of voters believe the economy was better under Donald Trump. Most believe the economy has gotten worse since the end of the pandemic.

And that’s not all. Donald Trump has now pulled ahead when it comes to an important question. Who better understands people like you? They can’t answer are you better off than you were four years ago? Now, this is all on the heels of last week’s Bloomberg morning console polls showing Donald Trump winning six out of seven swing states. And don’t forget Gallup. They have a poll out finding that Joe Biden is the least popular president in modern history the last 70 years. Meanwhile, a new Harvard/Harris poll also finding that Trump is leading nationwide and both a head-to-head matchup with Biden and a three-way matchup against Biden and RFK Jr. 

And get this, the polls show that 57% of Americans believe that Democrats are, quote, using the legal system in biased ways to take out a political opponent. And 64% indicated that Biden’s cognitive decline is getting worse every single day. 

The polls now are so bad that during a podcast featuring Biden, Clinton and Obama, actor Jason Bateman suggested that Joe, why don’t you go on Hannity’s program for an hour and defend your great record? But instead of providing a thoughtful answer, well, he needed his former partner, Barack Obama, to step in, leading to a lot of questions.

Really? How much influence does Obama have over Joe Biden? You decide.

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