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SEAN HANNITY: Biden is completely missing in action

Fox News host Sean Hannity shreds President Biden’s response to the anti-Israel protests on college campuses on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: One Jewish student told the local news, “It is a very visceral, very visceral feeling in me when someone tells me to go back to the gas chambers,” and Joe Biden says nothing at UCLA? A suspected “Zionist” wearing a Star of David necklace forced off the sidewalk by racist students. The pro-Palestinian rioters said that Zionist Jews are not allowed to use the sidewalk at their own school, and Joe Biden cowers in fear — your gutless president — pathetically afraid to do anything that might cost him a few votes from his radical base.  


He was shocked and scared to death after what happened in Michigan, and what happened in Michigan is — oh, let’s see — over 100,000 uncommitted Democratic presidential primary voters, 18.9% of the Democratic Party base in that state, that swing state, over 50,000 people uncommitted in Wisconsin, over 40,000 uncommitted in Pennsylvania, and even, by the way, Joe Biden’s afraid to use his Justice Department to enforce the Civil Rights Act and ensure that no American is ever blocked from going to the school on the basis of religion or race.  


Now, this is moral cowardice that we have never seen before. Joe talked a big game on the campaign trail about Charlottesville, but as president, when it really matters, your frail, your weak, your cognitively struggling commander-in-chief is completely missing in action today. 

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