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SEAN HANNITY: 2024 is a choice between safe and secure borders or Joe Biden’s open borders agenda

Fox News’ Sean Hannity shares what’s at stake come Nov. 5, 2024 on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: This afternoon, Trump offered to debate Joe Biden, “anytime, anywhere, any place.” We’re now in the midst of the biggest choice election in our lifetime. It’s an election choice between the radical left and their insane ideology and common sense, American first conservatism and an agenda that’s working, that would work for the American people. A choice between the climate alarmists, religious cultists coming for your cars, your appliances, your stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, even your steak, your red meat and other food that you eat. 


Versus not just energy independence, but it’s a choice between energy dominance, a choice between law and order and safety and security, which is a prerequisite for pursuing happiness in this country versus defund, dismantle, reimagine, no bail laws, and the police bye-bye. It’s a choice between a thriving economy, lower taxes, less regulation and lower interest rates, or the Biden policies leading to more than 60% of Americans that live currently paycheck to paycheck, a choice between peace through strength or more appeasement of our top geopolitical adversaries Russia, China, Iran and others. 

The entire world is watching a weak and frail Joe Biden fail to stand up to them on every front. It is a choice between safe and secure borders or Joe Biden’s open borders agenda that is allowing millions of unvetted illegal immigrants into our country from places that hate us, including China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan. This is what is at stake come November 5th. 

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