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Pawn Shop Employee Shoots Man That Attacked Him and Another Employee with ‘Blunt Instrument’

Muncie, IN – A dramatic scene unfolded at KT Pawn in Muncie, Indiana, when a man allegedly wielding a blunt instrument attacked two employees, leading to one of the employees shooting the assailant in self-defense. The incident occurred early Friday morning, prompting an immediate response from the Muncie City Police following a distress call at 9:17 a.m.

Local media reported that upon police arrival at 424 E. 13th St., officers learned that a male intruder had entered the pawn shop and began assaulting the staff members. Deputy Police Chief Melissa Criswell reported that both employees sustained injuries during the attack but managed to subdue the aggressor when one employee resorted to using a firearm.

“The suspect was neutralized by one of the victims in what appears to be a clear act of self-defense,” Criswell stated, reflecting on the chaotic events.

Authorities also confirmed that an alarm company had notified them about a hold-up alarm triggered at the location, which likely coincided with the attack.

All three individuals involved—the suspect and the two pawn shop employees—were transported to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. The assailant was listed in serious condition, while the employees were reported to be stable.

The Muncie Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the break-in and the subsequent shooting. Details remain sparse as detectives piece together the sequence of events that led to this violent encounter.

This incident highlights the potential dangers faced by employees in retail environments, especially in establishments like pawn shops that can become targets for crime. The bravery and quick action of the employees in defending themselves underscore the critical nature of preparedness and personal safety in the workplace.

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