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NBA Hopeful In NYC for the Draft, Gets Busted for Gun Possession Instead

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A college b-ball player arrived in the Big Apple for the NBA Draft with hopes of his own big-league dreams and instead found himself in big league trouble when he discovered New York City doesn’t play by the same rules as Arkansas in the gun game.

The New York Post reports that Jeremiah Davenport, 25, a graduate senior guard for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, and another man, 24, were arrested after police approached the vehicle, which was double parked in the Washington Heights section of the city, early Saturday morning. The officers observed marijuana smoke escaping the windows of the vehicle and upon walking up to the car and asking Davenport for identification, which he couldn’t produce, they also observed a loaded firearm lying in plain sight behind the passenger seat.

Both men were arrested, but the other was later released.

The NY Post reports:

Davenport was slapped with charges including criminal possession of a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of an ammo feed device and tinted windows, cops said.  

He appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court Saturday, sporting a dark orange sweater with the phrase “selfish ways” written on it. 

He either ignored multiple laws because he thinks he’s above them, which makes the message on his hoodie totally appropriate or the sweatshirt should read “stupid ways.” Anybody who knows anything about guns and New York City, knows the former isn’t allowed in the latter, carried on your person or in the open without proper permitting, which few people will ever get there.

Davenport has no prior convictions and declined to comment as he left court on his own recognizance. His public defender told the judge “there were serious search issues,” the NY Post reported, but apparently didn’t deny any of the evidence that was discovered. 

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