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MSNBC panel blasts Biden from the left for not packing the Supreme Court: ‘Historic political miscalculation'

An MSNBC panel hit President Biden from the left on Saturday for not packing the Supreme Court, or considering structural reform as the justices consider former President Trump’s immunity claim.

The group of journalists discussed the Supreme Court and the oral arguments on whether Trump is immune from prosecution in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election interference case, and suggested Biden was wrong to not consider reforming the highest court in the land. 

“If you were part of the 70% of Americans who agree that the president should not have absolute immunity, and then you watched what transpired this week in court, what is left as recourse, right? There’s court reform, there’s stacking the Court? What do you see as the path forward, because clearly something more structural is necessary,” MSNBC’s Alcia Menendez said during the segment. 

Politico Magazine writer and MSNBC guest Ankush Khardori said he agreed and added that not pursuing court reform would “go down as having been a historic political miscalculation” for the Biden administration. 


MSNBC host Symone Sanders Townsend said Biden didn’t believe in court packing.

“Because the President, President Biden, I mean, I worked for him at that time. I was a part of the transition, and I worked in the White House,” she said. “He himself does not believe that that is an avenue that should be explored. Joe Biden is somebody that believes in the rules, the laws and the systems.”

She said one could argue that it was time to do things differently. 

“I am aware he has that view. He is holding the wrong view. I hate to say that about the president. He’s been wrong about this the whole time,” Khardori continued.

President Biden


“And now, this Court, over the last few years, is systematically running roughshod through our Constitution. They, in just the last few years, they overturned Roe, they’ve invalidated affirmative action in higher education, and they basically legalized same-sex discrimination. They threw out part of the Biden administration’s signature domestic policy effort on the student loan forgiveness plan,” he continued. 

He said the Supreme Court was going to come up with “some new crazy doctrine” in their ruling in the immunity case. 

A ruling from the Supreme Court on the issue of presidential immunity is expected by late June. 

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Trump’s criminal trial stemming from Smith’s investigation has been put on hold pending a resolution on the matter, Fox News Digital reported.

The former president and his legal team, in requesting the Supreme Court review the issue of presidential immunity, said that “if the prosecution of a President is upheld, such prosecutions will recur and become increasingly common, ushering in destructive cycles of recrimination.” 

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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