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Louisiana Is One Step Closer To Permitless Carry, Governor Expected To Sign

Louisiana is progressing towards allowing permitless carry, as Republican legislators recently advanced related bills during a special session aimed at addressing violent crime. These measures, passed in the Senate along party lines, are now with the House, where Republicans hold a strong majority. Governor Jeff Landry is expected to sign them into law.

The proposed legislation, often referred to as a “constitutional carry bill,” enables adults 18 and older to carry concealed handguns without a permit, bypassing current requirements like fingerprinting and fees.

The bills also propose civil immunity for those using concealed firearms in self-defense. This move is part of a broader “tough-on-crime” agenda, including stricter sentencing and expanded execution methods.

Louisiana would join 27 other states with similar laws already on the books.

Previously, a similar bill was vetoed in 2021 by then-Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat. However, with the current Republican-led government, the bill is expected to pass, and would become effective on July 4th.

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