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LAURA INGRAHAM: Americans deserve a real campaign, a real agenda for prosperity and a real border

Fox News host Laura Ingraham shows how former President Trump can put President Biden’s record “on trial” as the NY vs. Trump case takes center stage on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: An impartial observer knows that the New York media is doing everything it can to influence the jury. On the eve of the trial, the illustrious “New York Slimes” published a piece titled “Will a mountain of evidence be enough to convict Trump?” In the official record, the case is known as the People of the State of New York versus Donald Trump. “And for now, the people have the stronger hand. They have insider witnesses, a favorable jury pool, and a lurid set of facts about a presidential candidate, a payoff, and a porn star.” 


Now, every juror should have been asked – I don’t think they were, maybe they were, I don’t think they were –  if he or she read or even skimmed or even saw that headline, read that article. And by the way, the New York Times doesn’t even pretend to be objective. You have to read to the end to read the pivotal point about how their star witness, Michael Cohen, has his own credibility issues to overcome. Of course, he’s a convicted felon and admitted liar, but at least he has non-lawyers on TV trying to lend a hand.

Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Just as Biden needed COVID as the excuse to keep him in the basement, he now needs Trump stuck in court and off the trail if he’s ever going to have a prayer of re-election and a bunch of drop boxes. Now, will this work? Well, not if Trump plays his cards right. 

Most Americans, I think, already have their own view of this trial, and there’s no point in his relitigating it every day outside of the courtroom. So I’d say instead of talking about the trial, pivot to the news of the day and then put Biden on trial. Reiterate that Americans deserve a real campaign, a real agenda for prosperity, a real border. And I think that he, the candidate, will deliver all of it. 

Come voting time, voters should reject what’s a grand effort at deflection. And remember that it’s Biden’s record that’s on trial. And he should be convicted on multiple counts of aggravated assault causing grievous injury to the America we knew and still love.

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