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JESSE WATTERS: Trump might win at the ballot box and in the courtroom

Fox News host Jesse Watters calls out the media for saying President Biden has nothing to do with the New York vs. Trump case on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: Today was the first time in history opening remarks were delivered in a criminal case against a former president. And you’re not going to believe who delivered the opening remarks for the prosecution – Joe Biden’s former acting associate attorney general. 

Wait a second. The media says Joe Biden has nothing to do with these prosecutions. Well, the number three guy at the Biden Justice Department parachuted in from D.C. into Alvin Bragg’s office, revives this dead case and just gave the opening statement to the jury. Matt Colangelo left the Biden administration and Frankenstein’d the personal matter years ago into 34 felony counts. The DA, Alvin Bragg isn’t even prosecuting the case. Biden’s prosecutors are the ones prosecuting it. He just shows up to court with donuts. He hasn’t argued in front of the judge once. He’s just running on Dunkin’. 

For the next six weeks, Trump’s in a torture chamber while Biden’s prosecutor puts on a show trial. The star witness has a podcast and gets to rip Trump a new one, but Trump’s gagged.

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