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Houston IRS office forced to close early after fight breaks out: 'I ain’t doing no playing'

An IRS office in Houston was forced to close early over the weekend – just two days before the Tax Day deadline – after a fight broke out and people rushed into the building to get help with their taxes.

It happened during the IRS’ Tax Assistance event. Hundreds of people lined up early Saturday morning in hopes of getting help with their taxes before the Monday deadline, but were blindsided as the office abruptly closed due to a fight between two people waiting in line. 

“They opened the gates like around 9 or 10 a.m. and I think a couple of people started fighting, so after that, they told everybody to go home,” Katrel Johnson, a visitor at the tax center who drove more than two hours for tax help, told FOX 26.

To add more chaos to the situation, FOX 26 reported that a large crowd of people tried to enter the building at the same time.


“All of a sudden everybody went in when they opened the door, and bum rushed and started skipping,” said Tonya Johnson, a visitor at the IRS center. 

The office was supposed to close at 4 pm, according to website hours, but instead closed right before 11 am, leaving many frustrated.  

“I ain’t doing no playing. This is the second month I came out here, and I’m not going to play with the IRS,” one angry taxpayer told FOX 26. 

Fight outside Houston IRS office

In a statement sent to FOX 26, the IRS said in part- “delays on Saturday occurred due to overwhelming taxpayer demand for assistance, and the IRS is committed to serving those who weren’t able to receive help in person.”

“Unfortunately, they did everything as a walk-in, no appointments and that’s really what caused all these problems,” said Henry Castro, another visitor at the IRS center.

The IRS also said it tried to collect the names and numbers of people who were unable to get help. It promised to offer further assistance to them throughout the week and to fully staff its offices and phone lines. 

The deadline to file taxes, or file for an extension, is Monday, April 15. 

Fox News Digital reached out to the IRS for comment, but has yet to hear back.

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