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FN Announces the 509 CC Edge XL and 509 MRD Full-Size Pistols

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FN just dropped two new pistols and they’re full, duty-sized guns. Compacts are great for concealed carry, but if you don’t need a compact firearm, perhaps for home defense or to keep in your vehicle when traveling, or you don’t mind toting a larger gun on your side, then a full-sized pistol has a lot to offer. It generally is easier to shoot with its larger grip and extra weight to keep recoil down. It also tends to have a longer barrel resulting in more velocity and a a longer sight radius, both of which can enhance accuracy. Capacity usually goes up as well. Those are all true of the new FN 509 CC Edge XL and FN 509 MRD full-size pistols.

The 509 CC Edge XL has an MSRP of $1,629 and is listed as being available now on FN’s website. The 509 MRD isn’t showing a price or availability yet. Both pistols ship with 17-round mags unless your state has a mag ban, in which case they ship with 10-round mags. Twenty-four-round mags are also available. Check out the release from FN and specs below:

The FN 509 CC Edge XL and FN 509 MRD full-size pistols are available now. The FN 509 CC Edge XL delivers an extremely flat shooting experience with significant recoil reduction for improved speed to target, accuracy and overall control of the pistol. The all-new FN 509 MRD full-size pistol has a 7.9-inch-long slide and is equipped with FN’s patented Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System for users who want a full-sized, duty-style pistol for personal or home defense.

FN 509 CC Edge XL Specs

Caliber: 9mm
Operation: Double-action, striker-fired
Mag Capacity: 10 or 17 Rd.
Weight: 29 oz
Barrel Length: 4.2″
Overall Length: 7.5″
Twist Rate: 1:10″ RH
Height: 5.9″
Width: 1.35″
Trigger Pull: 4.5-6.7 lb.
Sight Radius: 5.41″
MSRP: $1,629


  • Quick-detach FN Compensator that reduces muzzle rise up to 25 percent
  • Full-sized frame for improved controllability and shootability
  • Integrated magazine well and 17-round magazine with weighted baseplate for improved reload speeds
  • Flat-faced trigger that breaks cleanly at 90-degrees; approx. 4.5 – 6.7 lbs. pull
  • Precision flat-faced trigger


  • Ballistic case
  • Four MRD Mounting Plates
  • interchangeable backstraps
  • Three 17-rd magazines or three 10-rd magazines
  • Owner’s manual
  • Locking device


FN 509 Fullsize MRD Specs

Caliber: 9mm
Operation: Double-action, striker-fired
Mag Capacity: 17 Rd.
Weight: 27 oz.
Barrel Length: 4.5″
Overall Length: 7.9″
Twist Rate: 1:10″ RH
Height: 5.56″
Width: 1.35″
Trigger Pull: 4.5 lb. -6.0 lb.
Sight Radius: 6.3″

Primary Features

  • FN Low Profile Optics Mounting System with plate adapters for direct mounting of most major pistol red-dot optics
  • All-black, co-witness iron sights


  • Three interchangeable backstraps
  • Two 17-round magazines or Two 10-round magazines
  • Four MRD mounting plates
  • Owner’s manual
  • Locking device
  • FN logo case

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