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Evan Gershkovich loses another appeal in Russia, will remain jailed through June

Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, imprisoned in Russia for more than a year on dubious spying charges, has lost another appeal to end his pretrial detention and will remain behind bars until at least June.

A Russian court last month extended the detention of the 32-year-old journalist, who was arrested last March in Yekaterinburg on espionage allegations, until June 30. The U.S. government and Wall Street Journal have called the charges absurd, and the State Department designated him as wrongfully detained. He’s the first American reporter arrested in Russia on such allegations since 1986, and his ordeal has captured international attention.

Gershkovich has often been observed appearing relaxed and even amused during court proceedings, and that was no different on Tuesday. He could be seen smiling and even laughing while talking to attorneys from inside his glass box, and one BBC reporter noted he gave a “thumbs-up” when asked how he was doing. 

His friends and family have also reported he remains upbeat in his correspondence with them from prison.


Gershkovich has had his pretrial detention repeatedly extended since his arrest, while The Wall Street Journal and the Biden administration have continued to work to secure his release. Experts and people familiar with the case told Fox News Digital that the best hope of freedom for Gershkovich — and fellow American held by Russia Paul Whelan — is likely a high-profile prisoner swap.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vaguely alluded in a press conference last year to finding a “solution” and confirmed ongoing discussions with the U.S. about potential deals to free the two.

Gershkovich marked one year behind Russian bars on March 29, a difficult milestone for his family and friends who are desperate to see him home.

“That’s 365 days that I’ve spent doing my job, being with friends, being with family, traveling, seeing the world, and 365 days that Evan has spent waking up every morning to the same set of gray walls, to the same routine, to the same schedule, to the same lack of basically anything vibrant or meaningful in his life, and that’s horrifying and devastating,” close friend Polina Ivanova told Fox News Digital. 


Human rights observers and media watchdogs around the world have condemned Gershkovich’s imprisonment and called for his immediate release. President Biden also mentioned him and Whelan at his State of the Union address last month.

“We’ll also work around the clock to bring home Evan and Paul, Americans being unjustly detained by the Russians and others around the world,” Biden said.

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