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Devices of All Sizes to Fry the Bad Guy

The world is not a fair place. And those looking to steal from you, hurt you, or abduct you don’t play fair, either. But there’s a way for you to even the odds and do so without causing permanent injury to your assailant(s). This is by utilizing one of the many forms of stun guns on the market today.

12 Stun Guns to Fry the Bad Guy

These personal zapping devices send an electrical charge throughout your attacker’s body. This causes them to “seize” up and become immobilized for a short time. As a result, you can counter with self-defense techniques or run to safety.

Stun guns take many forms. From pistol-shaped versions to pocket-sized units, cellphone imposters, blunt force batons, and even disguised as a common umbrella. But no matter which you choose, your attacker will think twice when you brandish this weapon and the crackle of blue light heads their way.

01 – Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Gun Baton

This incredible self-defense item offers the trifecta of protection. The stun gun goes well beyond simply shocking an attacker. It can also temporarily blind them with the integrated LED light or strike them with blunt force from its bat-like design.

With five light modes, a tough-as-nails body, and a test-firing mode that can scare off an attacker before things get dirty, you’ll feel confident with this beast by your side.  


  • 26 Million volts (2.08 micro coulombs) of power
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Five light modes
  • Durable outer casing
  • Water-resistant and shockproof

MSRP: $51.95

For more information, please visit TheHomeSecuritySuperStore.com.

02 – Streetwise Stunbrella

Stun Guns: Streetwise Stunbrella.

Don’t wait for rain to carry this discreet stun gun with you. It will protect you through any type of weather! Equipped with a simple squeeze-to-stun feature, just gripping this bad body will send an electrical charge into your unsuspecting attacker.

It offers an easy-carry handle with a wrist strap, a bright LED flashlight, and a rechargeable battery that plugs into any standard outlet.


  • Squeeze-to-stun activation
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Built-in, bright LED light
  • Contoured handle with wrist strap
  • Rechargeable battery

MSRP: $40.55

For more information, please visit SelfDefenseProductsInc.com.

03 – Monster Stun Gun

Monster Stun Gun.

Big things come in small packages, and this “monster” exemplifies that perfectly. This palm-sized shocker offers both high voltage and a bright “blinding” light if you’re confronted with physical harm.

The unit is easy to use, easy to hold, and all-around easy to send your assailants running or inactive due to extreme shock!


  • 7.8 Million volt power
  • Integrated, bright LED flashlight
  • Rubberized, non-slip handle
  • Rechargeable battery with built-in wall plug
  • Includes nylon storage case

MSRP: $10.95

For more information, please visit CutleryWholesaler.com.

04 – Mace Ergo Stun Device with LED

Stun Guns: Mace Ergo Stun Device with LED.

Simple operation and effective results—what more could you ask for? This handy stun gun features an ergonomic grip, simple one-button operation, an integrated flashlight, and, most importantly, shocking power that will send attackers to the ground.

The compact unit fits easily in its included belt pouch when not in use. In addition, it charges fast with its high-capacity battery in any standard wall outlet.


  • 2.4 Million volts (up to 1.69 micro coulombs)
  • Rubberized, non-slip grip
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery w/integrated charging plug
  • Three LED flashlight modes
  • Choose from black or pink colors

MSRP: $36.99

For more information, please visit MACE.com.

05 – Streetwise Double Down Stun Gun

Streetwise Double Down Stun Gun.

This stun gun is as intimidating as it is powerful. Sporting dual top spikes and a full grip stun area, assailants might run away before you light this baby up. It offers a simple squeeze operation, an integrated flashlight, a high-capacity rechargeable battery, and 23,000,000 volts of power (approximately.) 

Don’t be a victim. Carry this menacing shocker everywhere you go!


  • Large stun area
  • Two removable spikes
  • Integrated, bright LED light
  • Squeeze-to-stun activation
  • Rechargeable battery

MSRP: $16.88

For more information, please visit ProtectionDepot.com.

06 – Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun

Stun Guns: Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun.

Nearly invisible to others, this mini stun gun will give any attacker a shocking surprise they will not soon forget. The unit features all the bells and whistles, from a compact design to a rechargeable battery, high voltage output, and a hardcore body to withstand the rigors of daily use.

The Sting Ring stores easily in a purse, bag, or pants pocket when not in use.


  • Fits easily around a person’s middle finger
  • Squeeze-N-Stun technology
  • 18,000,000 volts of electricity
  • Rechargeable, built-in battery
  • Extremely small, compact, and lightweight

MSRP: $22.95

For more information, please visit TheHomeSecuritySuperstore.com.

07 – Mace Carabiner Stun Device

Mace Carabiner Stun Device.

Thanks to the included carabiner, this stun gun will stay close and ready to jump into action. With an incredible 3.16 micro coulombs of power, the bad guys may reconsider things when they see the blue lighting jumping between electrodes.

This self-defense item features a multi-functional LED light, simple one-button controls, and an included nylon belt sheath.


  • Emits up to 3.16 micro coulombs
  • Integrated, bright LED light
  • Multiple light modes
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Includes carabiner attachment unit

MSRP: $24.99

For more information, please visit MACE.com.

08 – Guard Dog Security iStun2 “Smartphone” Stun Gun

Stun Guns: Guard Dog Security iStun2 “Smartphone” Stun Gun.

Outsmart your assailant with this cellphone imposter! Disguised as a modern-day cellphone, this device acts as both a flashlight and stun gun to get you home safely. The unit offers simple-to-operate buttons for light or stun, a rechargeable USB cord, a highly detailed outer shell, and, best of all, a shocking surprise for the bad guy demanding your cellphone.


  • Emulates the look of a modern smartphone
  • Integrated flashlight
  • Rechargeable with included USB cord
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Simple-to-use operation

MSRP: $32.99

For more information, please visit GuardDog-Security.com.

09 – Jolt Protector Stun Gun Flashlight (60 Million Volts)

Jolt Protector Stun Gun Flashlight (60 Million Volts).

Designed for easy handling, the Jolt Protector offers a contoured design that fits your hand like a glove. Its outer ring protects your knuckles, while the squeeze-to-activate triggers light your attackers up with 60 million volts of power. The unit also features a bright flashlight for nighttime use, a safety switch to prevent accidental activation, and a rechargeable battery that plugs into any standard wall outlet. A nylon carrying pouch rounds out this “shocking” package.


  • Squeeze and stun technology
  • Rechargeable, plugs into a standard outlet
  • Knuckle protection for safety
  • Integrated bright flashlight
  • Includes nylon holster with belt loop

MSRP: $21.56

For more information, please visit Guardian-Self-Defense.com.

10 – Avenger Defense Portable Stun Gun for Self-Defense

Stun Guns: Avenger Defense Portable Stun Gun for Self-Defense.

Don’t fear walking down dark streets when you have this pocket protector by your side. Utilizing a powerful 1.3 micro coulomb charge, you’ll send your foes to the ground with the stun gun’s twin electrodes. The unit features a fully rechargeable battery, bright LED light, and a convenient carrying pouch. Additionally, it remains discreet and hidden from would-be attackers.

Don’t be a victim. Fight back with effective electrical power!


  • Powerful 1.3 micro coulombs charge
  • Bulit-in 120 lumen LED flashlight
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Compact, easy-to-use design
  • Includes holster/carry pouch

MSRP: $20.45

For more information, please visit AvengerDefense.com.

11 – Olympian Pepper Spray/Flashlight/Stun Gun

Olympian Pepper Spray/Flashlight/Stun Gun.

The trifecta of protection, this device literally does it all. Use the flashlight to identify an oncoming attacker and the pepper spray for distance self-defense. Likewise, the stun gun feature is ready for close-up, in-your-face physical conflicts.

The unit’s design allows for discreet, out-of-sight carry. With a replaceable pepper spray cartridge, rechargeable battery, long-life bulb, and convenient wrist strap and leather holster, you’re covered when trouble comes your way.


  • Concealed stun technology hides electrodes
  • 175 Lumen output flashlight
  • 16 feet pepper spray range
  • Compact, palm-sized design
  • Dual safety switch

MSRP: $62.95

For more information, please visit DivasForDefense.com.

12 – Guard Dog Security Titan Stun Gun Baton

Stun Guns: Guard Dog Security Titan Stun Gun Baton.

Carrying a big stick just got much better! The Titan offers a triple punch when it comes face-to-face with those out to do you harm. Use the 260-lumen flashlight to startle your foe, then incorporate the high-voltage stun gun and the baton itself to take your attacker down hard.

The unit offers three flashlight settings, a rechargeable battery with an included charger pack, an easy-to-grip handle, and a lifetime warranty. The Titan is ready for action!


  • Durable, type III Aluminum body
  • High voltage stun capability
  • Three flashlight settings with long-life bulb
  • Rechargeable, with an included 2-battery charger
  • Safety switch for accidental activation

MSRP: $39.99

For more information, please visit GuardDog-Security.com.

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