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Boyfriend Opens Fire on Girlfriend’s Estranged Husband in Home Invasion, Accidentally Shoots Her

MARRERO, LA – In the early hours of Sunday morning, a violent home invasion in Marrero, Louisiana, resulted in a double shooting, leaving a woman and her estranged husband hospitalized. The incident occurred at a residence on Burnley Drive just before 3 a.m., according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

NOLA.com reported that Derrick Miller, 35, forcefully entered the home seeking to confront his estranged wife and her current boyfriend. Upon Miller’s forced entry and subsequent threats during an ensuing confrontation, the 32-year-old boyfriend, whose identity has not been disclosed, responded by shooting Miller multiple times in what is believed to be an act of self-defense.

The woman, 33, was accidentally struck in the abdomen during the altercation and was promptly taken to a hospital in stable condition. Miller, also in stable condition after receiving multiple gunshot wounds, remains hospitalized. Once released, he is set to face criminal charges related to the break-in.

Sgt. Brandon Veal, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, stated, “Investigators believe that [the boyfriend’s] actions were justified,” affirming that the boyfriend is not expected to face any charges. This decision comes amid details that Miller might have posed a lethal threat during the incident, although it remains unclear if he was armed at the time.

The specifics of Miller’s and the woman’s separation, including the duration and the particulars of who resided at the house, were not provided by the authorities.

As the investigation continues, detectives have obtained a warrant for Miller’s arrest on a charge of aggravated burglary. This incident highlights the tragic potential of domestic disputes escalating into violence. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office has not released further details about the threats made during the confrontation but maintains that the boyfriend’s response was a necessary measure for self-defense.

Domestic Violence and Home Carry Considerations

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