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Antisemitism at Columbia University 'pains me to see,' Patriots owner Robert Kraft says

New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft said Monday night he “never thought” he would see such hate and vitriol against Jewish people ever in the United States.

Kraft, who has announced that he is pulling support for his alma mater Columbia University, appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” to talk about his decision.

“I’d never thought I’d see in America – what’s happening right now. And it really pains me to see,” Kraft said. “We have our holiday going on right now, it goes back to memories of thousands of years ago where negative things were happening, and the same is happening now in this great country that offered so many opportunities to our families who came here as immigrants.”

“And we have to keep it open. We can’t have this intimidation that’s filtering through all these colleges and the hate [that continues] to grow and multiply the way it is.”

Kraft said it was “very sad” to see the hate against Jews around the world.

Anti-Israel agitators construct an encampment on Columbia University’s campus
Anti-Israel agitators construct an encampment on Columbia University’s campus


“Look at America, we’ve done research, and it shows 90% of the people in this country are good people. They just have to be educated, and we can’t have them apathetic or misguided. We have to let them know, and they have to stand up and not be silent,” he added.

“It starts with the Jews, but then every group that feels marginalized, whether it be Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gay people. It’ll just really impact the great fabric of this country where people have freedom to operate and go the way they want. And now, we have hatred and intimidation taking over.”

“I’m just thinking, when I went to Columbia, it was a place where people listened, where [the] apathetic had compassion. And now we have professors, who instead of teaching how to think, they’re trying to tell our young people what they should think.”

Robert Kraft in September 2022

He added that he still supports the Kraft Center, which “houses all aspects of Jewish life” at the university, according to the school’s website.

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