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Anti-Gunners Self Own When Celebrating LaPierre’s Loss

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For those of us who follow gun news, it’s well-known that the NRA has been a corrupt organization for a long time and that the problem has grown worse over time. Self-serving “leaders” wasted the organization’s money and largely abandoned the causes of fighting for gun rights and firearms education. So, it’s great news that Wayne LaPierre’s time at the organization is over and that him and his buddies now have to pay the NRA back. Even better, there’s a good chance that the organization can now be reformed and put that money to good use.

But, the anti-gunners don’t understand that LaPierre and Co. have to pay the money back to the NRA.

If you’re an anti-gun “progressive,” the NRA is the worst of the worst, and anything that hurts the evil Wayne LaPierre (a diabolical child-killing man who wears custom baby seal leather boots that he no doubt clubbed himself) is good for the righteous and honest movement to ban firearms and let America finally become Eurotopia.

According to Giffords, the NRA has had a very bad week, and the people taking over for LaPierre were too quick to say that the organization isn’t dead. After all, now LaPierre lost in court!

Even Letitia James, the woman who took the NRA to court, should know better but wants to make this look like a big loss for the NRA:

If James were honest, she’d admit that this was a loss for LaPierre and for the others who were found to be corrupt. That much is true. But, the NRA itself is going to receive that $6.35 million. So, the NRA (specifically members and donors) is going to be fine. If anything, she was technically fighting for the NRA and not against it.

But, the anti-gun crowd doesn’t want to tell their donors that the NRA is about to come back more powerful than it has been in decades. With the money returned (as much as is possible to recover, at least) and corrupt leadership removed, the NRA will get back to its mission. If things go right in the post-trial motions and hearings, there’s a good chance at leadership reform that keeps the inaction and corruption away for good.

To admit that the NRA was the real winner would mean that the anti-gunners didn’t win, and that they aren’t a good place to send donation money. Nobody wants to admit that they didn’t win, and nobody wants the gravy train to stop moving down the tracks.

But, by the time it’s all settled out and the reformed NRA gets back to serious work, the unserious and unsophisticated fans of these anti-gun people and organizations will have forgotten about this round of gloating. When the NRA roars back, they’ll be able to blame it on Trump or something instead of admitting that they fixed the NRA.

So, consider bookmarking this article. When the time comes, you’ll be able to dig up some old Tweets showing that the gloating was ill-advised and premature.


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