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Alabama Strip Club Remains Open Despite Shooting, Declares They Will Call in Marines Before Closing

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In more Alabama wackiness, WKRG News 5 out of Mobile, was quick to report on a shooting at a local strip club. But the news was not so much about what transpired in the shooting, but the simple—and extremely critical fact—that the club was “still open!”

In an article headlined as “Diamonds gentleman’s club unshaken by shooting—“We’re definitely open”, Mobile police officers were called to the scene of Diamonds gentleman’s club last Tuesday for a call of shots fired. Employees of the club told police someone “they knew” fired shots at the building and a car before speeding off in his own car. Those were the only details the police shared with WKRG on the shooting.

The bigger news was that where a shooting might shut down most places for at least a day or two such as restaurant, mall, public building or school, the lap dances would go on.

From the VIP Room to the dollar-drop site runway, no amount of gun play was going to stop the ladies of Diamonds from shaking their money makers for the unshaken “gentleman” who frequent Diamonds.

News 5 contacted Diamonds for comment after the shooting but found the voicemail inbox was full and they couldn’t leave a message. Apparently, a lot of customers must call back leaving messages for Destiny, Charity, Brandi, Crystal, Candy and Skylar (I remember you Skylar you little fre…ah, but I get easily distracted).

While Diamonds has apparently gone new school not using the phone, but rather Facebook to communicate, they did inform News 5 through FB:

The strip club assured customers that the business will remain open during regular hours: 2 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays and 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekends.

The shooting has not changed that.

“We are definitely open,” the club said in a statement to News 5.

In fact, a spokesperson said, they “Will put the marines in there before I consider closing because of one dunce.”

The Marines?!? Well, that would definitely be a solid use of our military depending on who you talk with (the Marines I know probably wouldn’t mind that mission either), but then, our commander in chief would probably jack up that effort when it was time to pull out (no pun intended), as well.

But if you’re in the Mobile area and got a pocketful of twenties to drop, you can rest easy, Diamonds is “still open.”

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