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AG Merrick Garland Admits That It’s *Gang* Violence, Not ‘Gun Violence’

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We’ve written about it repeatedly.  It’s gang violence that’s rampant across America, not so-called “gun violence.” The problem has become so bad that even full-time partisan political hack and part-time Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted as much at an ATF “summit” just days ago. Of course, the mainstream media ignored it. What’s more, his comment even escaped most of the alternative news outlets as well.

Garland abandoned his “Christian Nationalist” and “White Supremacist” bogeymen to admit that gangs members and repeat offenders are driving the gun violence problem in America. And for the slow-witted trolls in comments, this isn’t the MAGA gang either.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript provided by the US Department of Justice:

We are using our prosecutorial and technological tools to identify the repeat offenders and gangs who are principally responsible for community violence.

And here’s the video which begins at 28:00 when Garland admits what we’ve known for a long, long time: that repeat offenders and gang members (sorry for repeating ourselves in so many instances) are driving violent crime:

Yes, the mainstream media and left-leaning pols love to redirect low-information voters from violent criminals to the tools they misuse.

I love it when soft-on-crime politicians get very defensive and very animated when you talk about gang violence in their presence or correct them when they throw out the “gun violence” talking point.

“We don’t talk about gangs,” one Illinois State Representative from Chicago said to me as I sat in his office in my role as executive director of Guns Save Life. His body language screamed his discomfort at where the conversation was headed.

“Why’s that?” I asked, knowing that gangs deliver votes and even campaign volunteers come election time. At least they do in Chicagoland.

He didn’t want to answer but watching him literally squirm in his chair proved priceless for me and those with me.

If Chicago is typical of deep blue, high-crime urban areas, gangs drive the great majority of shootings. In Decatur, virtually every fatal shooting and even most of the non-fatal shootings are the result of black gang members shooting at one another. Usually they shoot up one another or family members of gang members, but unfortunately, sometimes they hit innocent people too.

Like Robbie Patton, a sociopathic predator who will never contribute anything but sewage and sadness to our society. Patton shot at and tried to murder some others who “disrespected” one of his fellow bangers at a Steak and Shake in nearby Champaign, Illinois. Then he led police on a high-speed chase while driving a stolen (carjacked?) car. He got away but was picked up days later. Instead of doing hard time for attempted murder, he was sentenced to “boot camp” for a few months before being released eight months into an eight-year sentence.

Within two days of his release he was arrested (and released) again for drugs. Two weeks after that, he had another stolen gun. When he felt “disrespected,” he pulled that gun out and started shooting, hitting three with his shots.

Among his victims was George Korchev, out celebrating his graduation from nursing school. Korchev also celebrated landing a new job saving lives as a nurse in a suburban Chicago hospital.

Unfortunately, Korchev became the unintended backstop to one of Patton’s errant rounds, getting hit a block away. He wouldn’t make it to work that next Monday because he died from the wound—caused by the gang banger and repeat offender Robbie Patton and his lack of impulse control.

Korchev was set to start a life as a productive citizen, helping to save lives. He would have gotten married, had kids and raised a productive family. George would have given his parents grandchildren. He would have lived probably 60 more years, contributing positive energy to making our world a better place by saving lives and treating the sick. But all of that was taken away by not sentencing a habitual criminal thug named Robbie Patton to hard time in prison where he belonged.

When you hear friends or family lament “gun violence,” remind them that it’s not “gun violence” but gang violence that drives so much of the criminal violence in our large urban areas as well as mid-sized cities across America. Even Merrick Garland says so.

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